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Sophia's Choice
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Everyone is sitting around having a breakfast filled with uncomfortable silences. Lori wonders where Rick's mind wandered; Glennn battles the angel and devil on his shoulder, with Maggie shooting him a warning glare and a shake of her head; and Dale is nodding along encouragingly. He finally stands up and drops the bomb that the barn is filled with walkers and we get an extreme close up of Rick's face for our troubles.

So they all wander over. Shane puts his face up close and gets an eyeful of walkers. Shane thinks this is so wrong, but Rick reminds him that this is not their property. Haven't we had this conversation about 800 times by now? Guess that's what happens when you try and draw these stories out for an entire season... things get more than a little repetitive. Shane wants to hightail it out of there, but Carol reminds everyone that Sophia's still missing, even though it seems like they've been there a couple of weeks at this point? The odds of that kid surviving more than 20 minutes on her own were always unlikely. Shane points this out, but maybe not in the nicest way possible. Daryl says that he found a doll a few days ago, but Shane wants to face facts and starts screaming that Daryl's appearance would freak her the hell out. There's a lot more screaming and Rick says he'll talk to Hershel. Dale says he already had tried to talk to the good Doc, who is waiting on a cure for his wife and stepson. Then Shane gets even more irate knowing that Dale put them in danger not telling them immediately. Um, dude, you've been sleeping there for two weeks just fine. No one has had any issue. Chill the hell out. All of this screaming makes the walkers angry, and the barn doors start rattling, and we get a shot of everyone standing there braced for the worst.

Everyone else must have made their way back to camp during the commercial break, but Shane decides to check the locks. When the zombies get feisty, he reaches for a gun that's not there. Glennn tries to talk to Maggie at the chicken coop. She makes him hand over his hat, which she fills with an egg and smashes on his head. See, because she thinks it was rotten. So clever.

Carl's doing what looks like homework, and wonders why Shane thinks Sophia's dead. He takes a stand that he's not leaving without his friend, and when she does come back he wants to stay because she'll like it on the farm and consider it home. If we didn't think she was dead before, that conversation all but confirms it with the insanely heavy foreshadowing.

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