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Shot for Shot

This episode didn't totally suck. And I'm not just saying that because Lori's left for dead in a ditch somewhere. That certainly doesn't hurt, though. They also managed to turn Rick into a total bad guy, which wasn't as great as the Shane evil mirror scene earlier this season, but a nice twist nonetheless. And there was very little Dale and Andrea. So while the dialogue is still heavy-handed and awkward, this episode had action throughout and not just in the last two minutes. So that's something.

We pick up where we left off, with Shane shooting zombie Sophia in the head, and everyone else shell-shocked. Beth (a.k.a that blonde girl who lives on the farm who we have largely ignored) takes it really hard, and gets felt up by a still-kicking corpse. This whole thing makes Hershel realize that he's been a fucking moron by keeping them alive in the barn all this time. But all of the farm residents insist that they didn't know that Sophia was in there, and blame that on poor dead Otis. Did Otis not mention to Hershel that he found a little girl walker the same day a group of people showed up looking for a little girl? Seems suspicious.

Anyway, the gang decides to bury their loved ones and burn the rest of the corpses. This doesn't amount to much, aside from a lot of standing around. But there's one great shot of Andrea picking up a random arm that has fallen off a truck. But does a bonfire in the middle of a dry field seem like the best plan? What if that spreads quickly? It's not like there's a fire department to call. And won't the smoke and flames attract walkers? Do these people ever think?

So, once Hershel wises up, he grabs a flask, empties it and then heads off to town to get his drink on. They need the doctor to check in on Beth, who has a fever and is possibly in shock (or on her way to becoming a zombie... at least in my mind), but they only find the flask. Maggie tells a tale about it belonging to her grandfather, who gave it Hershel, but since Hershel quit drinking the day she was born, it fell into disuse.

So Rick and Glenn go off to find Hershel, and Glenn whines about his feelings about Maggie. I really used to like him, but now he's an insufferable child most of the time. They find Hershel drowning his sorrows, but despite Rick's preachy motivational speaking, he refuses to leave since their situation is hopeless. And then two humans walk into the bar, by the name of Tony and Dave (the guy who played creepy murderer Rene on True Blood, so I can't help but presume he's evil). They are from Philly and mostly gross, and have been all over the country with their group trying to find safe haven. They'd really like to set up shop at the little farmhouse, but Rick insists that they are already overcrowded. For a man who prays as much as Rick, that doesn't seem the very Christian thing to do. Still, given that Tony pisses in the middle of the bar, he might trash the place. When Dave gets insistent and flashes his gun, Rick shoots him dead and kills Tony too. Right in the middle of the bar. He does it to protect his group, but it's really no better than Shane killing Otis. These are still humans we're talking about, even if they are scavengers, and while Rick may be saving a few more people, it's pretty self-serving as a whole. That said, I might like badass Rick.

In the midst of all this, Lori gets impatient about finding Hershel, so she takes a car. Mid-drive, she looks at a map for an instant, hits a walker and goes flying into the ditch. Is she dead? Will she lose the baby? Who knows. Carol sits and mourns her daughter and takes her anger out on some wildflowers. My beloved Daryl just pouts about how all his searching was for naught, and everyone else gets their bonfire on. And before Dave dies, he does reveal that the army base they were heading for is overrun by zombies. Do they have a plan B?

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