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The Governor and Eye
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It's a foggy morning in the Georgia wilderness, and distant screams echo through the woods. A walker plods toward the sound, until a large man (The Wire's Chad Coleman) jumps out from behind a tree and brains it with a pickaxe, as well as the other one following it. He runs toward the sound of a rushing river and almost into a shovel swung by a human woman, but they know each other from another group that's apparently been separated from each other. The man, Tyrese, tells her he spotted a tower not far off, and they run back to collect the several other members of their group from a pitched battle with more zombies. But they don't make it clear without another woman in the group getting bitten on the arm. They drag her along and, after some debate, all the way inside a torn chain link fence and through a shattered brick wall... which leads inside the prison. That place is getting more crowded all the time.

Andrea stands in front of the Governor's mirror and looks at an old family photo of his, possibly noticing the resemblance between herself and the late Mrs. Governor. When the man himself enters the room, Andrea tells him that she's going to help Milton cremate Mr. Coleman this evening, and waxes schmoopy about how Woodbury is all about people helping people. The Governor lets her go without bothering to straighten her out on that score.

After she's gone, the Governor sits in his den with the zombie-heads in fish tanks and opens the grate in one wall. He turns on a boombox playing a lullaby and calls to his daughter, Penny, who, after some emitting some snarling noises, comes rushing out slavering with the bag over her head, brought up short by the chain around her neck. The Governor removes the bag and almost seems able to calm her down somewhat by singing along, but the walker-child's attention is focused on a bowl of bloody meat, much to the Governor's eventual frustration. Back on the girl's head goes the bag, back in the cell goes the girl. Maybe leave the bloody meat in the kitchen next time, Guv.

In the dungeon, Glenn has given Maggie his shirt, but there's still the dead walker in there and Glenn's face is still covered in blood, so it's not as homey in there as perhaps it could be. He wants to know what happened with the Governor, and she assures Glenn that he barely touched her. "All this time running from walkers, you forget what people do... look at what they did to you." There's no mirrors in here, Maggie. Try to keep up. They hold each other for a bit, and then Glenn painfully gets up and rips loose the walker's arm, then breaks its forearm wide open and hands the severed wrist with the jutting bones to Maggie, presumably for use as a weapon. What ever happened to giving a girl flowers?

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