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We start out with Daryl in the barn torturing good old Randall for information. It's a solid scene (what with the brutal beatings and all) and serves to show Daryl's discontent with the post-Sophia world. And we find out that Randall's gang is "just like" our band of misfits, with women and children, but they are led by a bunch of macho guys who have heavy artillery and like to gang rape young women. Not saying that Shane wouldn't do that, but he hasn't yet, and that's the one key difference. But with Randall knowing how to get back to the farm, possibly with some rough hoodlum types, it seems the best option is to kill him in order to save their group.

But Dale gets up on his high horse and starts begging to find a way to keep him alive. Rick gives him a day to round support for his quest, but people are largely unreceptive, including Daryl who thinks that their group has been broken since Rick failed to realize that Shane killed Otis. Hershel, though it is his farm, wants nothing to do with this nonsense, and just wants the kid to be far away from his family. Given that its Hershel's fault that they even have Randall here (since they picked him up the night of the bender) and that Hershel had no qualms with Rick killing those dudes in the bar to protect their families, that seems about right.

Shane tries to talk Andrea into locking all the naysayers in the house, while he goes into the barn and kills Randall, so he's continuing to show off his exemplary leadership skills. But honestly, these people are so dumb, that if Rick and Shane just said they were going to leave him somewhere far away to fend for himself, and then deposited him in the midst of a group of walkers, no one would really be the wiser (except for maybe Daryl who seems to know everything).

There's a big pow wow in the farmhouse, where Dale gets to plead his case. But it largely falls on deaf ears. And I wish I could tune it out, since all of the bad actors are in one room to discuss Randall's fate. They weigh their options: which are let him join them and hope he doesn't escape; keep him chained up in the barn; or kill him. It is hard to take Dale seriously while he's wearing a Hawaiian shirt and popping his eyes out of his head like a maniac, but he makes his impassioned plea, and Andrea sides with him, not because she really believes it, but because she feels pity for him. Even Carol just wants nothing to do with this, though Dale believes her apathy is akin to signing a death warrant.

While all of this discussion is happening, Carl's off being the biggest asshole on the planet. Methinks he's been spending too much time with Shane as his role model. He sneaks into the barn to check out Randall and almost ends up being manipulated into freeing him. It earns him a lecture from Shane about not getting himself killed, but he's a little jerk right now and ignores even Shane. Then he's super rude to Carol when she suggests that Sophia might be in heaven (and naturally Lori takes no responsibility for her son being a little prick, and discipline falls to Rick... who tells him to apologize.) But instead of apologizing, he steals a gun out of Daryl's bike and goes down to the swamp where he spots a walker stuck in the mud. Instead of telling someone, he opts to chuck rocks at him and generally antagonize him. It isn't until the walker lunges at him and nearly tears off his leg in the process that he seems scared. He also loses the gun, so he's really worthless at this point. Even moreso than Andrea, in some ways.

This all culminates in the alpha males taking Randall out to the barn to kill him, with the actual shooting duties falling to Rick, though it seems that Shane would have been happy to do it with no qualms. Rick's about to pull the trigger when Carl steps in the barn to offer up his encouragement, and he's gleeful about seeing a guy's brains blown out. This puts a damper on Rick's plan, and he can't kill Randall in front of his son.

But Dale took off for a moonlight stroll to avoid having to hear the boys talk about Randall's death, and stumbles across a nearly dead cow (who moves its head like a cheap version of some Disney animatronic character). He turns around and there's a walker (the one that Carl tortured earlier) right behind him. Before he can load his weapon the walker pounces and starts ripping his guts out. By the time everyone gets to him and dispense of the walker, Dale's mostly dead. Hershel can't save him, so they have to do the humane thing and put him down. Rick can't (though he almost killed a douchey college-aged kid earlier with no remorse), but Daryl does it with a look of sadness on his face and a quick apology. So no more crazy eyes? Or preachy lectures? That could mean that all hell is going to break lose around here since there is no moral compass at all. Or it could mean that everyone is going to be nice in the wake of Dale's death.

Also, Hershel gave Glenn an old pocket watch to signify that he approves of Glenn as Maggie's boyfriend. Somehow that seems less interesting in the scheme of things.

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