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Burn a Cold, Burn a Fever
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Glenn is waist-deep in a fresh grave, wearing gloves but with his bandanna hanging loosely around his neck, because it's not like any of their lame hazmat measures are accomplishing anything anyway. He pauses to look over at some other nearby grave markers, including one with Patrick's glasses hanging from it. He shares a glance with Maggie, who is digging another grave nearby, and then we see that two other people are digging while a third stands around. Don't wear yourself out, third person.

Inside the prison, Hershel watches as Dr. S listens to the last heartbeats of a patient who has already lost most of an arm, then leaves him to it while Dr. S pulls out his knife to perform what passes for last rites these days.

Tyreese has brought Rick, Daryl, and Carol to A Block's tiny exercise yard, where the two charred corpses still lie smoking on the concrete. Tyreese explains, "Somebody dragged them out here and set them on fire! They killed them and set them on fire!" Look who's all CSI: Backwoods Georgia all of a sudden. Tyreese angrily turns on Rick, demanding that, as a cop, Rick needs to find the killer and bring them to Tyreese. Daryl tries to pull Tyreese back and Rick tells Tyreese he gets it. "I've been there," he says, "You saw me there, it's dangerous." It's not about you this time, Rick.

Tyreese stays right up in Rick's face, and when Daryl tries to take Tyreese's arm, Tyreese grabs him and pins him against the grate on the far side of the yard. Even while being manhandled by a much larger dude, Daryl maintains the presence of mind to hold out his hands to Carol and Rick to show that he's got this. Daryl and Rick both continue trying to calm Tyreese down, but Tyreese just ends up decking Rick, and then punching him again while he's down. Carol screams at Tyreese to stop, and now Daryl's done being calm, hauling Tyreese off of Rick. But Rick's berserker rage has been reawakened and he somehow beats the shit out of Tyreese before Daryl pulls Rick off of him. Carol stands there with her hands over her mouth, and Rick looks miserably at his bloodied hand and his bloodied friend on the ground. Okay, good meeting!

After the credits, Rick is back in the prison as Hershel patches up his battered right hand, which Hershel says will be sprained for at least a week. "I wouldn't plan on much typing the next few days," he advises. Good one. But he's still concerned about Rick, and how the bad found its way in after all their efforts to keep it out. "No, it's always there," Rick says, glancing at his gun behind him. Hershel tells Rick there will be a council meeting tomorrow, as though to invite him. "We just lost twelve of our own. Two more killed in cold blood." Rick thinks he's done enough damage, and Hershel tells him that when he fell off the wagon, he got back up because he had shit to do. In other words, Rick, stop feeling sorry for yourself over your addiction to violence, 'kay?

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