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It's pretty quiet in the prison right now. The show must have already blown most of its extras budget for the season, so just about everyone is laid up sick and besides we're not going to be spending much time here this week. While Rick is off by himself gingerly changing the dressing on the hand he busted up on Tyreese's face, Carol is in the visiting room, telling Lizzie through the glass that she's about to go on a run with Rick. Their conversation provides the soundtrack for Rick's ensuing movements as he discovers that there's not much gas for the Hyundai. Lizzie wonders if this means Daryl is dead, but Carol reassures her that they just aren't waiting for him and the others to get back, after losing all the food in Cell Block D. Lizzie tells Carol that nobody in quarantine is dead yet, but she thinks it's only a matter of time. "It makes me sad, but at least they get to come back," the idiot child says.

Carol tries to straighten her out and Lizzie argues that yes, they come back changed, but she'll be different when she grows up, too. Like that's going to happen. Meanwhile, Rick is making his way to the last place he saw a gas can -- the tiny exercise yard outside A Block where Carol burned the bodies of David and Karen after killing them. On the way, he passes the cell that Karen was isolated in, and has a vision of Carol coming to offer Karen comfort in the form of burying her wicked-ass knife in the back of Karen's neck. Anyway, Lizzie's point is that everyone changes. While Carol is reminding Lizzie to run if there's danger and not be afraid to kill if necessary, Rick finds the gas cans and then returns to the car to discover Carol's giant roll of humongous knives waiting in the back, like she thinks she's going into the Roman Coliseum and will be expected to grill the tiger afterwards.

Carol reminds Lizzie to keep her own knife where she can get it quickly. "Yes mom… I mean, ma'am," Lizzie says unconvincingly. Carol doesn't want Lizzie calling her mom. Would that be because she's a cold-blooded murderer? Rick is clearly having similar thoughts out by the car. Lizzie says she's afraid, and Carol tells her not to be -- instead, Lizzie needs to keep fighting and not give up and one day she'll change. "We all change," she says. Meanwhile, outside, Rick is giving this theme what looks like some serious consideration. Either that or he's got the same headache we all do after having it drilled into our skulls.

So far, the away team (Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob) seems to be alive, after being on the run overnight. Tyreese has found a creek to rinse his blood-soaked shirt, while the others make their plan for moving on and securing new transportation. But Tyreese seems in no hurry, saying everyone back at the prison has probably died overnight anyway. Who needs the morning when that ray of sunshine is around?

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