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When Worlds Collide… Slowly

Daryl sits in a hallway, repeatedly poking the point of Carol's knife into the floor. That can't be good for it. He's clearly been putting off dragging a walker out from in front of that loose door and dealing with what's behind, but he finally does it, ready to stab whatever's behind it. Luckily it's just Carol, exhausted and half dead, but alive. Daryl scoops her up and carries her off. Which is the least he can do, given the way he was treating her knife.

Rick carries the baby out into the yard, followed by Carl, Hershel and Beth. Rick says she looks like Carl (only without the stupid hat) and hands her off to him to go check something out he's spotted in the distance. Walking to the outer yard, he gets to the fence and sees a pretty curious sight: the usual crowd of walkers at the fence, only a little larger. But none of them take notice of Michonne, who walks right up among them, staring at Rick, and holding that shopping basket of baby formula. Pleased to meet you, I'm sure.

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