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When Worlds Collide… Slowly

Daryl, Oscar and Carl are still exploring. Oscar finds an abandoned pair of bedroom slippers in a cell, much to his excitement, so they're a little distracted when a zombie comes wandering in, six inches from Daryl's face before any of them is aware of its presence. All three of them shoot it in the face, which is a terrible waste of ammo and Oscar figures it came from a cell at the end. Daryl examines it and pulls a knife out of its jowls. "That's Carol's knife," he realizes. Not sure what else he realizes.

Rick answers a fourth call and asks, "How did you know my name?" The female voice on the line says, "Because we know you. And you know them, Rick. The people you were talking to today, that was Amy, Jim, Jacqui." "Lori?" Rick asks as the tried-and-true technique of a focus-pull indicating shifting reality is deployed in its proper context. "What happened, Rick?" she asks over the noisy line. "Baby, what happened?" Rick sobs that he loved her, but he couldn't put it back together. He says he made a deal with himself to keep her alive and then fix it, but there was never time. Lori tells him that he has their baby and Carl and the group, and that she loved him too. She starts cutting out just as she's urgently telling him he needs to do something and the line goes dead. In the normal way, that is. But I can't help wondering if maybe Hershel, when he picked up the phone, heard his severed foot talking to him.

Andrea and the Governor are in bed together, which, in an episode that includes beheadings, a viscera-shower, and Merle still somehow manages to be the grossest part of the show. When a knock comes at the door, he throws on his robe and meets Merle in the hallway. "Company?" Merle asks shrewdly before reporting that he lost all three of his men. The Governor's unhappy enough about that, but when Merle admits that they got caught in a crowd and he also lost Michonne's head and her sword, he looks pretty pissed. But before he can lay into him, Merle gives the good news, which is that he's brought in someone else he knew from Atlanta -- who knows Andrea. "From the looks of 'em, they're set up pretty good. I'll find out where." And he goes to do just that. And the Governor returns to Andrea and mentions none of it.

Rick again returns to what currently passes for the group, where Beth is stirring a pot and Hershel's holding the baby. He actually looks at his children for the first time since Lori died and meets Lil Ass Kicker, which appears to be her name indefinitely, since Rick doesn't seem bothered to give her one. He smiles at her though, so that's something.

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