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When Worlds Collide… Slowly

Rick answers a third call, this one from another woman, who's surprised he didn't want to talk to the previous caller about Lori's death. "You should talk about it, Rick," she says, while Rick's looking at the grisly final resting place of his wife's remains, which he, you know, stabbed the shit out of earlier. Rick suddenly wonders how she knows his name, which is an excellent question, given that he never said it to either of the previous callers. And so he gets hung up on again. Rick, the calls are coming from inside your head!

Michonne limps into a trashed town and ducks out of sight as a Suburban rolls up. And who should get out but Glenn and Maggie! They kiss a bit before getting down to the business of breaking into and looting a store. Maggie tells Glenn to grab the duck on the floor. "A kid growing up in a prison could use some toys," she says. Michonne takes all this in from her hiding place, but if she appreciates the exposition she's getting, it doesn't show on her face.

Andrea's out back in the Governor's garden for another drink while he admits that his life pre-apocalypse was pretty humble, except for one thing. "So how long's it been?" he asks, then chuckles nervously as he realizes she took him the wrong way. "Since you had whiskey this good," he clarifies. He admits that he doesn't mind forgetting stuff in favor of Being Here Now. He says she doesn't have to be ashamed of liking the fight, or fighting it. "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die," he quotes, freshening her drink. Andrea says she's not planning on dying and he says he isn't either; it just happens. "Other things happen," she says, giving him The Look. So that's a pretty clear hint and the next thing that happens is macking. I think I would have preferred the dying. The Governor, her, me... I don't really care at this point.

Michonne watches as Glenn and Maggie gather their haul outside the store, which includes a "baby formula jackpot," batteries and any number of other canned goodies. Maggie says something poetic but only borderline sensical about home and suddenly Merle yells from out of nowhere, "And where is it y'all good people are calling home?" with his gun pointed at them. Glenn and Maggie draw on him right back before Glenn recognizes him, which only takes a moment. Recognizing Glenn in turn, Merle is happy to set his gun on the ground and approach, his hand and bayonet raised, because Glenn and Maggie are still aiming at him. "You made it," Glenn obviouses, not looking too excited about it. Merle asks if his brother alive and Glenn says that he is. Merle asks to be taken to him, offering to even forgive Atlanta. Glenn doesn't answer, giving Merle's built-in weapon a nervous look. Merle claims he did it himself after finding a medical supply warehouse. Glenn offers a deal: they'll go back and tell Daryl that Merle is here and he'll come meet him, but Merle says this encounter alone is a miracle and that they can trust him. "You trust us," Glenn insists. "You stay here." Instead, Merle draws a backup gun and starts shooting. Michonne stays hidden while Glenn and Maggie scatter and then somehow, Glenn comes around the car to find Merle's gun at Maggie's head. He orders them back in their vehicle. "We're not going back to our camp," Glenn says, wisely not referring to it as a prison, and Merle agrees that they're going somewhere else. Glenn nervously agrees and Michonne watches them all go, leaving the cans of baby formula behind in the shopping bin.

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