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When Worlds Collide… Slowly

Merle and Neil run through the woods. Michonne materializes behind them, and Merle just barely pushes Neil out of the way before Michonne bisects him as well. He quickly disarms her with his knife and bayonet, and they grapple while Neil freaks out about the slash in his chest. Now here come three walkers out of nowhere. Michonne slashes wildly at one from the ground, but all that does is spill all its guts out on top of her. So, you know, gross. Neil manages to get his shit together at last and kill one from off of Merle, but by the time Merle kills the second, the third is dead and Michonne is gone. Again.

Daryl, Oscar and Carl are working the prison hallways. There's something breathing behind a mostly blocked door, but since it seems moribund, Daryl says they'll take care of whatever's inside on the way back. As Oscar hangs back, Daryl tells Carl a long, sad story about the day he was out playing with the other neighborhood kids and his mom incinerated herself by smoking in bed. So like Carl, Daryl had nothing left of her. Carl responds to this bout of understanding by announcing, "I shot my mom." He says that he ended it and it was real. "Sorry about your mom," Carl says. Daryl says, "I'm sorry about yours." Yeah, I think Carl won that one.

Andrea visits the Governor at home, at his summons, aware that she's in trouble. "We don't need you on the wall," the Governor says. Andrea admits that she liked the fights. "I didn't like that I liked them." This isn't news to the Governor, who noticed that she stayed to the end. And he figures she likes him too. This isn't actually much of a deductive leap, given Andrea's historical liking for things that are creepy and disgusting.

Merle promises Neil a beer when they get back, because they're done for the day. He collects their friends' weapons and tells Neil that Michonne's headed for the Red Zone and is as good as dead. They'll just tell the Governor they killed her. But since Neil's balls suddenly dropped during the recent engagement, he digs in and insists he doesn't want to lie to the Governor. Merle suddenly comes over all agreeable, enough to even learn how to say "Gardjulio," but then just shoots Neil in the face. Well, at least now Neil doesn't have to lie to the Governor. Everybody wins!

Covered in blood and limping slowly, Michonne collects the rest of her stuff from where she stashed it. Four walkers are closing in, but she doesn't even have to bother fully drawing her sword as they walk right on by her as though she's not there. Looking down at her zombie-gut covered self, Michonne realizes that to them, she isn't. And to think she wasted all that effort dragging two whole walkers around for the whole winter when she could have just worn one.

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