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When Worlds Collide… Slowly

Inside Woodbury, the Governor comes up to Andrea, who's mostly over last night's display of ultimate zombie-fighting. At least she's not so upset that she does anything more than lecture him about it. Furthermore, she wants to contribute to the effort of running the town; namely, to work the wall to keep her marksmanship up to scratch. The Governor's willing to have her learn archery and everything. But I doubt he'd be so willing to put her up on a guard post when there's a Dixon brother out there and expected back, if he knew what she did last time.

Rick nervously waits for the return call, which, when it comes, is now a man's voice. He says their place is safe, with no bites, attacks, turnings, solicitors or anything. But he's worried that Rick's dangerous and asks if he's killed anyone. Rick admits that he has. "People who threatened me, who threatened my group." The guy wants to know how many. "Four," Rick says, which seems a little low to me. But he gives the rundown: the two guys in the bar; Tomas, whose head Rick split with a machete; and Shane. "He lost it... who he was," Rick explains. The man asks how Rick lost his wife, and Rick wonders how he knows about that. "You have a boy and a baby," the voice duhs and repeats the question. Rick says he would rather not talk about that, so the man obligingly hangs up. Nice one, Rick. Maybe let someone else handle the job interview next time.

Andrea sits on the wall with a teenage girl, who's armed with a fancy compound bow that used to be her father's. "So I totally killed him for it," she wise-asses. Andrea says that wasn't why, so the girl admits, "My dad wasn't himself and my brother wasn't either." Andrea says she killed her sister. But she leaves out the part where she was nice enough to wait around until she woke up zombie. "Sucks, right?" the girl says. A walker steps into view from outside the wall, and the girl wastes two arrows trying to hit it. So Andrea breaks protocol by jumping down off the wall, chest-bumps the walker onto its back and stabs it in the eye with her knife. This leaves her even more pleased with herself than usual, and the girl snaps, "What is wrong with you? This isn't a game." Andrea has the grace to look chastened after being lectured by a teenager on acing like an adult. Oh, and she may have also just realized that she's a big stinking hypocrite.

Rick's still hanging out in the boiler room when Hershel comes stumping in, asking to sit down. Rick somehow gets Hershel a chair without acing like he's remotely welcome. Hershel opens the conversation by saying says he still feels his missing leg. Rick says he's sorry, so Hershel reminds him that he saved his life. Which is why, at this exact moment, Rick is sorry. The ice thus broken as broke as it's going to break, Hershel quickly changes the subject to Lori, telling Rick that she was sorry and had planned on telling Rick as much, and that after all he's done for them, he can take as much time as he needs. Rick says this isn't safe enough, but Hershel says there's no place better. So Rick tells Hershel about the phone call from a place that's even safer. Hershel picks up the handset and listens (without commenting on what, if anything, he hears), and Rick asks him not to tell the group yet. Hershel offers to sit with him, but Rick Can Do It All By Himself.

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