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When Worlds Collide… Slowly
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Merle With Bayonet Attachment leads a party of three other guys through the woods. Apparently they're on a search for Michonne, but in a clearing they instead find a little message she left them, in the form of parts of a sliced-up walker neatly arranged on the ground. It takes them a moment to figure out that she's spelled out "GO BACK" using arms for the G, legs for the O and an actual back. Merle's delighted: "She sent us a biter-gram, y'all!" One of the guys is a little freaked out, so Merle tells him to get his shit together. Also, his name is practically unpronounceable -- something like "Gardjuilio" -- so Merle's just going to keep calling him Neil. Works for me. Hearing a sound in the trees, they all draw their weapons. Merle calls Michonne out, and a moment later she drops from the trees and kills two of the men with her katana before Merle can turn around, then uses one body for a shield and darts into the woods while he fires his automatic at her. He clips her in the leg and leaves Neil freaking out with their dead buddies. Merle reaches another clearing, where there's no sign of her. "We having fun yet?" he bellows into the woods.

And now we're back inside the prison, traveling through the corpse-littered hallways to where Rick is on the phone to what sounds like a young woman. She says they can't believe someone answers, and that they've been calling since the beginning. She's not saying where she and her friends are, just that they're "Away from them." Rick tells her he has a son and a newborn and a good group and asks if they could take them in. She says she needs to talk to her group, and Rick gets desperate, crying that they need help. "We're dying," he whispers. "We're dying here." She hangs up, promising to call back in two hours. Hey, speaking of calling people back, has Rick completely forgotten about Morgan? I guess waking up at sunrise every morning must get pretty tiring.

Back in the cell block, the rest of the group's eating gruel. "Everybody okay?" Rick asks, coming in all cleaned up and saying he just wanted to check on Carl before going back to get rid of the bodies in the boiler block his own self. He seems satisfied to hear that Axel's working on the generators and that Glenn and Maggie are making a run later to find ammo and baby formula, so he stomps back out. Well, thanks for checking on everyone.

Merle returns to collect Neil, who now really needs to get his shit together. After pausing to make sure their dead compatriots don't get up again (this involves each of them putting a blade through a dead eye), it's time to give pursuit. "She ain't runnin', she's huntin'." Merle says. "So are we." I don't know, Neil looks like he'd rather be runnin'.

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