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The Stalking Dead

At the prison, Hershel catches up with Glenn, who was about to drive off solo. "You're not going back to Woodbury, are you?" he asks. Glenn assures Hershel that he's just going around back to check things out, and refuses to let Hershel come along. Hershel reminds Glenn how his formula run turned out, which Glenn takes rather personally. Hershel says he still trusts Glenn with Maggie's life, but "this rage is going to get you killed." Glenn insists, "With Daryl gone and Rick wandering Crazytown, I'm the next in charge," and gets into the pickup. "What are you proving?" Hershel asks. I guess Glenn is trying to prove who's fourth in the order of succession. Glen drives on through the gates, which are obligingly opened for him. His work here done, Hershel turns his gaze to the outer grounds, where Rick is still walking around outside the fence. I was starting to wonder where that dude had gotten to.

Inside the cell block, Beth asks Maggie for help feeding Little Asskicker so she can feed their dad. Maggie takes the baby and fumbles with the bottle as Beth walks her through the process and then leaves her to it. Maggie's mood seems almost instantly improved. Too bad there's not another baby for Glenn.

Rick continues wandering around the edges of the woods beyond the outer fence, his hair sweaty and hanging over his forehead. Hershel is calling his name in a choked voice from just inside the inner the fence, and Rick reluctantly goes to meet him. Exhausted from his journey down here through the tall grass, Hershel asks Rick if he's coming back soon. "Glenn's on a warpath. Smart as he is, he can't fill your boots. I'm afraid he's reckless. We need you now more than ever." Rick invites Hershel to lead, then. Hershel asks what Rick's doing. Rick stutters something like a high-schooler about how he's got "...stuff." He doesn't know how much longer he needs, and when Hershel offers to help, Rick just looks at him with haunted eyes. Hershel seems ready to give up and turns away, and Rick admits that he saw something. "Lori. Saw Lor.--I'm seeing Lori. I know it's not really her, but there's gotta be a reason. It's gotta mean something, you know?" Yes, Rick, it means the world is trying to kill you. Try to keep up. Hershel asks if it was her on the phone. "Shane, too, in the town," Rick confesses. Hershel asks if he sees them now, Rick says he's waiting, repeating that it has to make sense. Hershel tells him to come in, saying he needs rest and reminding him that it's not safe out there. "I can't," Rick says, and shambles back into the woods. From her post near the bus, Michonne watches him go.

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Walking Dead




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