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The Stalking Dead

Merle goes to the car and opens the door, which pisses off the older man. He yells at Merle in Spanish, only to find Merle aiming both his gun and a racist epithet at him, saying, "That ain't no way to say thank you." Daryl tells Merle to let them go, but Merle proceeds to ransack the car while everyone watches tensely. Finally Daryl steps around and nudges Merle in the back with the point of his crossbow, then levels it and growls, "Get out of the car." He tells the strangers to get in their car and go, keeping his weapon leveled as Merle turns on him, until the car has backed over a zombie skull on its way off the bridge and out of sight. Daryl leads the way off the bridge, not bothering to try looting anything from the abandoned vehicles, pausing only long enough to yank his arrow out of the head of a fallen walker. Meanwhile, the camera pulls out on the sign identifying this as Yellow Jacket Creek, because Merle Is Always Wrong.

Returning to the woods, Merle yells at Daryl for pointing his crossbow at him and then not bothering to take anything from the people they helped. Daryl points out there was a baby. Merle ask if he would have left them if there hadn't been, and Daryl cuts to the chase, snapping, "Man, I went back for you. You weren't there! I didn't cut off your hand, neither. You did that. Way before they locked you up on that roof. You asked for it." Whoa, look at Daryl, getting allegorical. Merle laughs at Daryl for being so close to Rick, and bets Daryl never told him they were planning to rob the camp outside Atlanta. First I've heard of it, that's for sure. Daryl says it didn't happen, which Merle agrees with, "because I wasn't there to help you." I don't think that was the only reason. Daryl accuses Merle of leaving when they were kids, and the reason Merle lost his hand is because he's a "simple-minded piece of shit." I don't know, Merle's mind is many things, most of them unpleasant, but simple isn't one of them.

Daryl tries to storm off, but Merle angrily grabs him by the shirt -- which rips wide open, revealing old, deep scars on Daryl's back, the sight of which take the fight right out of Merle. He stutters that he didn't know, but Daryl doesn't buy it. "He did the same to you. That's why you left first." Merle says he would have killed "him" otherwise, and asks Daryl where he's going. "Back where I belong," Daryl says. Merle, almost pleading now, says he can't come. "I tried to kill that black bitch! Damn near killed the Chinese kid." Daryl says he's Korean, and Merle says it doesn't matter; he can't come along. "I may be the one walking away, but you're the one that's leaving. Again," Daryl says. Merle is left standing alone in the woods without so much as his bayonet attachment, and after a moment, he helplessly moves to follow Daryl.

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Walking Dead




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