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The Stalking Dead

Nope; he and Carol are using wooden pallets and metal panels to fortify the fenced-in catwalk in which Rick kicked off the episode in. Axel admits to Carol that he was always afraid of guns, and even when he robbed a gas station he did it with a toy that he never took out of his pocket. Carol remembers Axel's reference to pharmaceuticals back when he and Oscar were begging for their lives, and Axel says he didn't want them thinking he was the violent type. He goes on to tell her the story of why he was in here in the first place: "Next day the cops found me at my brother's house." He still had the water pistol in his pocket and swore it was his only weapon, but the cops tossed his brother's house and found his .38. "There you go. Armed robbery." He admits to Carol that he doesn't even know how to use the automatic he's currently holding, so she shows him. "You're quite a lady," he tells her. She actually smiles, all, "Daryl who?"

The Dixon brothers are still wandering through the trackless woods, arguing about where they are and where they're going. Daryl thinks they're approaching Yellow Jacket Creek, which of course Merle mocks him for. They hear noises through the woods and argue about that too, but when they reach the bank of a creek, they spot a harrowing scene: at least one human standing on a wiped-out flatbed truck on a bridge, trying to hold off a crowd of walkers. "Jump!" Merle snickers helpfully. Daryl heads back up the bank to see what he can do, ignoring Merle's advice not to waste his ammo on strangers.

The scene on the bridge, now that we have a closer look at it, is looking pretty desperate. Now two guys, one older and one younger, are up on the bed of the truck. A woman with a baby is trapped in the drivers' seat of a nearby car, with walkers at every window and one crawling up toward them through the back. Presumably the men were out of the car trying to clear the wrecked traffic when the walkers showed up, or they left the car to draw them away from the mother and infant, which clearly didn't work. They're obviously not master zombie-fighters, though, because one of the men drops his gun out of reach while trying to pull the leg of his buddy (or younger brother, or older son, or whatever) out of the grasp of a walker that's just about to chomp down on it. Instead, that walker goes down with a crossbow bolt in its head.

Cut to a hero shot of Daryl, shedding his backpack as he casually joins the fight. That gives one of the men cover to retrieve his revolver as Merle wanders up, gun out but not raised, just taking it all in for now. Daryl takes out the walkers swarming the car, then hauls the one inside it just far enough out to slam the tailgate on its head, exploding the skull like nothing we've seen before. More walkers are still coming across the bridge, but as Merle cheerfully takes one down near Daryl, they've at least fought themselves an escape route. Not that they take it. Daryl sticks his knife in the head of the last walker that one of the men was prizefighting, apparently unaware of the "destroy the brain" strategy, and dumps the body over the bridge railing into the shallow creek below.

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