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The Stalking Dead

Out in the middle of the woods, Daryl isn't having much luck finding game to shoot, and suggests they check out a house. Merle mocks him, which is probably all he's been doing since they left Rick and the others. Daryl suggests finding a stream to fish in, and Merle accuses him of trying to lead him back to the prison. Daryl allows that it's not such a bad idea. "For you, maybe," Merle says, and adds that everyone at the prison is about to get killed by the Governor anyway. "Let's hook some fish," he adds cheerfully. I think you mean more fish, Merle. You've already reeled in your little brother.

Inside the prison, Glenn is running a strategy meeting, using information from Carl to get a picture of how unsecure the prison must be in the area where Tyreese and his group entered. After all, if walkers and strangers can wander in, so can the Governor. Beth speculates that maybe Governor won't bother, as if she were in on his conversation with Andrea earlier. "He had fish tanks full of heads," Michonne pipes up. "Walkers and humans. Trophies. He's coming." Glenn suggests an unexpected preemptive strike, sneaking into Woodbury in the dead of night and shooting the Governor in the head. "You know where his apartment is," Glenn says to Michonne. "You and I could end this tonight. I'll do it myself." She nods. Hershel points out that the Governor wasn't expecting anyone last time either, and look how that worked out. "You were almost killed, Daryl was captured, and you and Maggie were almost executed." "Don't forget Oscar getting killed," Axel doesn't say.

Glenn isn't in a mood to be talked down, but Hershel says the prison isn't worth more killing and they should get gone. Which I can't exactly get behind, and Glenn even less so. Hershel points out they spent the winter on the road. "Back when you had two legs and we didn't have a baby crying for walkers every four hours," Glenn reminds him. Lil Asskicker cries for walkers? Why are they bothering to hunt for formula then? Hershel says they can't stay here, but Glenn says they can't run. Maggie splits the difference by stomping out of the room, and no one bothers to follow her. Instead, Glenn insists that they're going to defend the prison. He invites Carl to come down into the catacombs and help him find the breach (which I'm sure his parents would love), and declines Michonne's offer to help, saying she'll be needed up here if shit starts going down. Then he looks around the crowded room and snaps, "Who's on watch? Dammit." Well, I don't see Rick in this room.

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