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The Lie of Brian
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We're in for another unnecessarily fancy cold open, so get ready. First of all, you can stop worrying about whether the Governor and Megan were pulled out of the zombie pit after Martinez discovered them down there. The two of them are outside on a lovely day, Megan contemplating the chessboard in front of her while the Governor does laundry by hand (which also tells us they went back for their luggage afterward). But then we loop back to the end of last week's episode, with the past-Governor standing at the bottom of the pit of zombies he just killed, holding Megan, while Martinez points a gun down into the hole at him. Given most of a week to cool down, Martinez hands off the gun to one of his men while Lily and Tara watch, both seemingly apparently unharmed other than Tara's jacked ankle. The past-Governor hoists Megan up to Martinez, who sets her on her feet so she can go to her mom and then lowers a knotted rope down to past-Governor.

"You can't think forever," now-Governor tells Megan. "Sooner or later you gotta make a move." Sure, but good luck finding a chess clock at the end of the world. Also, the Governor is the kind of teacher who never lets the kid win. "That wouldn't be winning," like his daddy used to say. "He used to beat me at chess, too. In fact, he used to beat me at everything." And with everything, I'd wager. The humanizing continues!

Past-Governor lets Martinez haul him out of the pit and one of the other armed men asks Martinez, "You know this guy?" Megan asks now-Governor if his dad was mean and if the Governor was bad. "Sometimes" is the answer to both questions. At the edge of the pit, Martinez and then-Governor don't have much to say to each other. Fortunately for the latter, Lily calls out, "You okay, Brian?" and Martinez catches the snap, though he looks pretty surprised. Back at the laundry line, Megan seriously asks, "Am I bad? My dad was always mean to me." Now-Governor assures her that she's good. Back at the pit, Martinez tells past-Governor about his camp half a mile away, though one of his guys (the one played by Charlie from Fringe) protests that they have enough mouths to feed already. Martinez lists the rules for the Governor: "One, I'm in charge. Two, no dead weight. That goes for everyone. Contribute or be cast out. Can you live with that… Brian?"

And now-Governor assures Megan that all four of them -- Megan, Lily, Tara and himself -- will be okay. "Because we're good?" Megan asks. "All of us?" The Governor gets quiet in a hurry after that one. Megan makes a move, so now it's his turn. "I'm thinkin'," the Governor says. About his next move or the answer to her question? If it's the former, may I suggest anvil to queen's anvil three? Before we go to credits, we see that this homey little scene has played out between two parked vehicles: an RV and an army tank. Then credits, although there's no guarantee that any of the people whose names are listed in them will appear in this episode any more than they did in last week's.

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