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Not-So-Guten Morgan

Rick tells Morgan that he isn't going to kill him, but would rather bring him back with them, talking in terms of what's supposed to happen. Morgan doesn't get up from the gun rack Rick tied him to even when Rick cuts him loose, and Rick tells him about the prison. "Is that where your wife died?" Morgan asks, not particularly kindly. Morgan tells Rick to run for it, and can't help noticing that Rick is taking a lot of guns. Look who's talking, Army of One. But Morgan's point is that he's already figured out that Rick and his people have enemies. Rick just says, "We're gonna win. You can be there. You can help." Morgan insists, "You will be torn apart by teeth or bullets. You and your boy. Your people. But not me. Because I am not gonna watch that happen again." It starts to get heated again, with Rick trying to convince Morgan that he can come back from all this. "This can't be it. It can't be." Morgan almost seems to hear him for a moment, but he's still not budging. "I have to clear. That's why I didn't die today. That's the sign. I have to clear." Rick takes a sack of guns and goes, probably because all this talk of "clearing" is giving him, like me, the sinking feeling that the only religion to have survived the zombie apocalypse is Scientology. Besides, they can't have this guy around and making all the other actors look like slackers.

In the final act, Morgan is busy loading his freshly caught (and presumably even more freshly killed) zombies from his traps onto a gurney. Carl and Michonne show up to meet Rick, toting a floor display model crib, and Rick shrugs off the knife wound when Carl gives it a look. Michonne takes one of the bags of guns Rick was toting, and gets thanked for the third time this episode. Walking back toward where they parked their car past a very busy Morgan (who of course isn't bothering with the mask now that his identity has been revealed), Michonne asks if he's okay. "No, he's not," Rick answers uninformatively. Carl pauses, and despite Rick's warning words, tells Morgan that he's sorry he had to shoot him. Morgan steps toward him, a bit too intensely, and says, "Hey, son. Don't ever be sorry." With that, he gets back to work, and the travelers head back to their car.

As they load it up, Rick privately asks Carl if everything was okay with Michonne. "Think she might be one of us," Carl answers. He gets in, and Rick looks thoughtful until Michonne joins him behind the car. I notice she's got a new crossbow slung across her back for Daryl, so he'll be glad to see her again. Noticing his dreamy expression, she asks, "You see something?" because she knows about his hallucinations. "I used to talk to my dead boyfriend," she volunteers. "It happens." Rick offers to let her drive, and when she accepts, he cracks, "Good. I see things." So things are actually working out for them in an episode for once, even if it's only the three of them. I guess no one else was in it because there wasn't enough good luck to go around.

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