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Not-So-Guten Morgan

Rick takes this in, one of Morgan's "CLEAR"s practically glowing red on the wall in the background, not bothering to point out to Morgan that he's really not all that good a person. Just ask the guy with the orange backpack.

Carl and Michonne walk up to the King County Café, which looks like it might have been a local family dining establishment back in the day before such things were overrun by the mindless, undifferentiated hordes.... but enough about chain restaurants. Carl peeks in through the grimy windows and sees at least one dormant walker inside. Michonne stops him from turning the doorknob to enter, and he ends up having rather a fit about it. Michonne says she's trying to help, but Carl snots that she doesn't know him or Rick; they just have the same enemy and the same problem. "This is important. I'm going to do this. And I know how I can. You can't stop me." Michonne doesn't argue with that, but she points out that he can't stop her helping, either.

Cut to the inside of the café. The door opens, but at first, nothing comes in but a couple of rodents, rolled in on skateboards that their cages have been cleverly bungee-corded onto. All the former diners -- a good ten or twelve of them -- crawl on the floor concentrating on trying to get at the critters while Carl and Michonne sneak in unnoticed, mostly staying hidden behind a dividing wall. Carl peeks out at a framed photo hanging over the bar and climbs up to pull it down, unaware that one last zombie is just waking up on the floor out of sight behind the counter. That is, he's unaware until it grabs his ankle. Michonne quickly skewers it in the forehead, trying to keep the noise down so the others don't hear.

And it looks like they're going to get out of there, until one of the rats -- somehow freed but not eaten -- comes squeaking around the corner, with all of the walkers in pursuit. Obviously, they lose interest in the appetizer when they find themselves face to face with an entrée and an amuse-bouche in a stupid hat. Michonne and Carl try to retreat to the kitchen, but zombies are coming out of there too. Circling around, they manage to shoot and slash their way back to the front door and make it out... but the photo got dropped on the floor, and Carl wants to go back in. "It's the only one left!" he all but wails, after a very sloppy quick-cut. Michonne stops him, saying, "No more bullshit. You wait here. That's how we get it done."

She leaves him there holding the door, looking bored and impatient while the seething horde of undead slavers within, inches from his head, until she comes back around the corner of the building and hands him a photo of a much younger, cleaner, happier, more intact Grimes family. "I just thought Judith should know what her mom looked like," Carl says. "Thank you." Michonne says she was going back anyway, and reveals that she' also carrying a hideous, multicolored, papier-mâché cat. "It's just too damn gorgeous," she smiles. It'll certainly brighten up the prison. [Note: Wish we could have seen her fend off 12 walkers in one minute, but whatever, the cat thing was pretty awesome.]

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