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Not-So-Guten Morgan

After the ads, we get to see one of Morgan's traps at work: basically it's a caged rat inside a nest of outward-facing spikes for the beasties to get impaled on trying to get at the animal inside. Up in Morgan's place, Rick has tied Morgan to a rickety freestanding gun rack so he can get shirtless and bandage up his own chest in the most unflattering way possible. Morgan is still begging Rick to kill him, and Rick reminds Morgan how he saved and fed Rick, and even gave him his orientation for the End of Western Civilization. But he doesn't seem to get through to Morgan until he shows him the radio and reminds him that he told him to turn it on at dawn every day. "Rick? I know you," Morgan says, suddenly lucid. Yes, Morgan, that's what Rick's been telling you. Loudly.

He remembers Rick's instructions, and says he hadn't "worked up to it," but when he did, Rick wasn't there. "Every morning, on the roof, every morning for days. For weeks, me and my boy. And then...me." He gets angry at Rick, yelling at him for not being there when he said he would be. Rick says he kept getting pushed father out, and had no choice. He found his wife and son and other people he had to keep safe. And yet it's still just a day trip back here? Never mind the gas they'd burn because apparently the zombie plague means vehicles never die either. [Note: That's what happens when your post-apocalyptic show gets sponsored by a car company.] Morgan bitterly kicks the radio over at Rick and asks if Lori turned. Rick says no, she died. "So you didn't have to see that then," Morgan grimaces. "Not like me, not like my wife." Rick remembers how Morgan's wife used to wander the streets with the other zombies at night, and Morgan suddenly remembers that Rick gave Morgan the gun to deal with her. Morgan realizes he was "supposed to," but he could never get to it. "Like there wasn't going to be a reckoning."

I think we all know where this is going, but Morgan tells the story of searching a cellar for food and coming out to find his zombified wife standing right in front of Duane -- who couldn't pull the trigger, either. Morgan called to him, and when he turned, there was nothing but red. "Finally, it was too late. I was supposed to. I was selfish. I was weak. You gave me the gun." Morgan asks if Carl is dead, and Rick says no. "No? He will be. See, 'cause people like you? The good people? They always die. And the bad people do too. But the weak people, the people like me, we have inherited the earth." Wow, Morgan is really elevating the acting on the show this week.

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