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Not-So-Guten Morgan

So he says they're going to wait until Morgan wakes up to make sure he's okay. "He tried to kill us and we didn't leave him for the walkers. He's had a good day," Michonne argues. Rick insists, even over Michonne's objections that Morgan is dangerous. But he splits the difference by zip-tying the unconscious man's hands together to his cot. While he's busy with that, Carl heads into the next room, where most of a wall is taken up with a highly detailed map of the neighborhood. Carl can figuratively see their house from here, but Morgan has marked it "TAKEN," then crossed that off to amend, "BURNT OUT." Rick wonders if the reason Carl wanted to come was to see the house but he's being cagey. Rick doesn't pursue it, instead gets crabby listening to Michonne crunch on Morgan's food rations. "Mat said 'welcome,'" she deadpans. Carl announces that he's going on a run -- there's a baby place around the corner, and there probably wasn't much crib-looting, so they could probably pick one up for the baby. Michonne offers to help carry it, even though she can totally see he's actually up to something else, and Rick agrees, telling Carl to yell if he gets in trouble. He and Michonne head out together like the rock-solid allies they aren't.

Outside, passing a couple of walkers freshly impaled on one of Morgan's traps, Carl gets snotty with Michonne about how she doesn't need to come along. He sends her off to deal with a shirtless zombie and takes advantage of her brief distraction to slip around the corner without her. But she quickly catches up, even though Carl tells her he wants to go alone. "You just passed the baby place," she points out, and Carl tells her that she's getting something else for Judith first. If nothing else, she's curious enough to follow.

Rick waits for Morgan to wake up, unaware that he not only already has, he's also got a sheathed knife duct-taped to the frame of the cot, just three inches from where Rick "secured" his hands. While Rick peruses the note "EVERY ONE TURNS" and a weekly to-do-list on a support column before getting distracted with a rifle, Morgan hops up and comes at him with the knife. Rick bashes him to the floor with the rifle, urgently insisting that Morgan knows him. "People wearing dead people's faces!" Morgan rants, coming at him again. They grapple, Morgan ranting about how Rick doesn't "clear" until he manages to sink his knife into Rick's shoulder. Rick throws him off, bellowing, "You know me! You crazy son of a bitch!" He picks up his revolver and sticks it in Morgan's face. And Morgan's eyes light up as he begs Rick to kill him. Rick passes on the offer.

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