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The gunman ends up appearing at street level, advancing on Rick in his riot gear, shooting all the way. Rick's about to jump out, but it's Carl who does so, jumping out of nowhere and taking down the man with a single shot to the chest at the last possible moment. Rick and Michonne both look at Carl with quiet shock and grudging respect. The kid's bagged his first human.

Rick checks the body and discovers that a Kevlar vest stopped the round, other than an angry bruise on the dark skin under it. And of course knocking the man out with a body blow, somehow. Rick says he's alive and when Michonne asks if they care, Rick pulls off the mask and says, "Yeah." I don't recap the previouslies, and tonight it's not just laziness -- if I'd told you about the clip from Season One of Rick talking to Morgan on his walkie-talkie, you'd know from the moment they walked into town exactly whom they'd be running into. And what do you know, here Morgan is. [Note: Between the previouslies and the mid-episode Talking Dead promos, it's almost like AMC wants to remove the element of surprise entirely. -- Rachel.]

Rick warns Michonne to look for booby traps. "Looks like he's gotten pretty creative so far," he understates. She wonders what happened to the original plan of getting in and out, but Rick refuses to leave Morgan on the street, angrily telling Michonne that Morgan saved his life. "He wasn't like this then." Rick suddenly remembers Morgan had a son, and starts to head inside the nearest building to look. He almost steps on a welcome mat, but Michonne hisses a warning, and instead he lifts it to find a pit full of spikes underneath that might as well have been placed there by Wile E. Coyote. He thanks Michonne, but she just wants to get Morgan inside and go.

They drag him up a stairwell topped with a sheet painted, "NOT SHITTING YOU." Before stepping through, Rick just barely stops Michonne from triggering a tripwire. I don't know how they dragged Morgan over it, but they get past the sheet, behind which is hanging a gore-covered axe waiting to swing out at the face of anyone either foolish or undead enough to come all the way up here. "Watch the wire," Rick calls back to Carl, in an ace bit of parenting.

They all end up in an upstairs room where guns are stacked in every available space and several unavailable ones. The walls seem to be covered with chalkboard paint, a fact Morgan has taken full advantage of with colorful, overlapping, semi-sensical notes to himself. Rick explains to Michonne that he showed Morgan the weapons locker last year, although even that accounts for less than half of what Morgan's accumulated in his arsenal. They flop him down on a cot, and Michonne and Carl get to work looting his weapons and ammo while Rick takes a look around. He seems to notice the notes on the wall for the first time, with the word CLEAR showing up repeatedly in the brightest, boldest letters among Morgan's stream-of-consciousness scrawlings. It gives him pause, but even he grabs a gun before pulling up short when he finds the two-way radio he left Morgan a year ago as his lifeline. Oh yeaaah, that. This seems to hit him hard, as does a big note reading "DUANE TURNED." I guess that clears up what happened to Morgan's son.

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