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They drive into town -- not just a town, but Rick's hometown. All three of them hop out of the car. Someone's been getting creative with some graffiti tagging -- more on that next graf -- but of greater concern is that when they enter the police station, the weapons locker has been picked clean. Rick's disappointment is almost explosive. He tells them this is the only cop shop in town, but they can check some local businesses he signed gun permits for. Michonne says that's not going to cut it, but he says it's the best they can do. "Do you have a problem with that approach?" he asks Michonne. "No, Rick, I don't have a problem," Michonne says reasonably, and hands him a single bullet she found on the floor. Rick figures maybe he's being an asshole, but that doesn't stop him from slipping the round into his shirt pocket.

There are other anomalous sights as they walk through town. A wall painted with the words "AWAY WITH YOU," a pile of burnt human corpses, arrows painted on the sidewalk pointing in the direction they're going, stuff like that. But it's just the warm-up. Coming around another corner emblazoned, "NO GUILT, YOU KNOW THAT," they reach the center of town, which is more or less the opposite of Woodbury. The main street is blocked with not only cars but homemade barricades bristling with sharpened stakes, ropes and barbed wire threaded all through it, a sign reading "JUST LISTEN," and all manner of small, caged animals at strategic points throughout.

They pick their way through, Rick ignoring Michonne's concerns that someone's obviously already claimed the place. A female zombie tries to follow them into the maze, and Michonne moves to take care of it, but Rick tells her to wait so they can watch it get caught. Which turns out to be a bad idea, because no sooner does the corpse-lady hit one of the lines than a bullet hits its head, courtesy of a masked man on a roof overlooking the street. "Hands!" the man bellows down at them, telling them to drop everything they have and go.

Rick isn't about to give up their weapons when they're on a weapons run, plus Michonne hisses that they need the rifle, too. Rick tells Carl to run for the car, and while the shooter is counting down from ten, she adds, "I think I can get up there." So Rick starts shooting. The masked man shoots back, but it turns out that his little art installation provide lots of cover for invaders who can actually move. While pinned down, Rick reloads with the bullet he got from Michonne and breaks cover to take the shot, but by this time the man is gone. Michonne appears on the roof, shrugging.

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