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The first thing we see is a post-apocalyptic social media message in the form of a hand-lettered sign overlooking the two-lane highway: "Erin, we tried for Stone Mountain. -J." Its eye-catching streamers rise in the breeze as the Hyundai cruises past with Michonne driving, Rick riding shotgun and Carl sitting behind him. It's silent in the car, even when they pass a lone backpacker who begs them to stop. Needless to say Michonne doesn't let up on the gas, and only Carl spares a look back at the man collapsing in despair on the pavement behind them.

Soon they arrive at one of those inconvenient road-blocking tableaux that speak of the early evacuation and panic, with cars packed with supplies and the odd set of gory remains stopped in the middle of the traffic lane. There's also an overturned truck off to the side with half of a moving walker sticking out from under it. Michonne, distracted by this as she's slowly trying to circumnavigate the mess, ends up getting a tire stuck in the muddy ditch. Rick and Carl just look at her impatiently as she spins their wheels, but soon there are zombies crowded around every window, snarling to get in. And of course one of them is still wearing an ID bracelet that spells "Erin," just as a bonus. Rick says, "Cover your ears," cracks his window, and pokes the end of his revolver's barrel into the face of the nearest ghoul.

Apparently he's able to clear out the whole group that way, because we cut to three travelers outside the car while Rick loots other vehicles for something to give the wheel traction. He also passes this important life skill on to Carl, who carps about Michonne in general. Carl is wondering why she's even along, and Rick explains that a) he didn't want to leave her back at the prison with Merle, and b) they have common interests. For now, at least. Michonne, sitting behind the wheel, hears every word of this, looking a little annoyed. Looks like she's going to have to save Hershel a few more times.

Speaking of uninvited guests, the man with the orange backpack comes running toward them from the direction they came, again begging them not to leave him. Michonne drives the car six inches out of the stuck spot, which of course you never do because you'll just get stuck again, but they all ride off, leaving the poor bastard not only still standing there, but totally knackered from having just run a mile or more. And in an area where there was just a lot of noise. Maybe get yourself moving again, orange backpack guy.

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