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Rick attempts to open the windows, with no luck -- maybe try the latch, genius -- until he hears the commotion of one of the men claiming that there's a freshly washed woman's shirt in the house, meaning somebody must be here. Rick stays out of sight, grabbing a trophy to use as a weapon if necessary, as the men head back downstairs. As they're arguing about who gets dibs when they find her, Rick tries to sneak back into the master bedroom where the man is still laid out on the floor, but has to duck into a bathroom when one of the men comes back up to get a gun. Imagine the mutual surprise between Rick and the man who is sitting on the toilet looking up at him. Rick reacts first and starts choking the guy, who is so uncouth he apparently craps with his pants on, and although there's some scrabbling for a lose pair of scissors, Rick eventually renders his opponent unconscious and claims the gun he had on him without any of the others being the wiser. Don't forget to make a sign that reads, "Now I have a machine gun, ho ho ho."

After the ads, Rick manages to open a bathroom window. He tosses a jacket out onto the porch roof and follows it with the gun, putting the jacket on before gingerly easing himself over the eaves and dropping to the back porch below. He sneaks around near the front, staying as low as the house's foundation, and is soon tucked under the corner where the porch meets the house. Just as Tennis Ball Guy comes out and starts in with his accursed bouncing. Seriously, Rick should probably kill him just for that.

Abraham is under the truck, pleasantly sharing a story of how he was in one of these trucks when a camel stuffed with C4 exploded. "We were within twenty feet of a blast that sent that animal's hump half a click into the desert. And we drove home. So you tell me, how in the holy hell did you kill this truck?" Eugene looks at him and says robotically, "A fully amped-up state and an ignorance of rapid-firing weapons." Well, ask a silly question. Rosa gives Glenn back the Polaroid of sleeping Maggie he apparently dropped, and Glenn tells Abraham, "Sorry about your ride. I hope you guys make it to Washington." So they've made up just in time to split up. He gives Abraham the rifle he borrowed, and Tara gives Rosita back hers, and they start walking. Rosita starts following them, saying, "What the hell else are we gonna do?" "Go to Washington!" Abraham hollers after her, like it's obvious. "Fix the whole damn world!" Yes, but why? Eugene says to Abraham, "That way's clear. Who knows what's north?" Uh, isn't Washington north? Eugene tells Abraham that they'll go with Glenn and Tara until they find another vehicle. "Trust me. I'm smarter than you." And here I thought he was along for his charm. They grab some stuff out of the back of the truck and start walking after the others, Eugene wearing an oddly complacent half-smile.

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Walking Dead




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