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Abraham isn't about to let that slide, so he tackles Glenn from behind and the fight is on, while Tara and Rosita try to separate them. I don't care how tough Glenn is; given their disparity in size, the fight should be over instantly. Eugene just stands by the truck, looking maddeningly blank and entitled and bemulleted and generally like a possible future Carl. And of course this is the moment when a walker comes out of the trees alongside the road, noticed by nobody but Eugene. He calls out to the others, but they all ignore him or can't hear over the perfectly even matchup between a hulking Army sergeant and a featherweight pizza boy. So Eugene grabs a gun. His preliminary fumbling with it inspires zero confidence, and now more walkers are coming out of the cornfield on the other side of the road.

Eugene manages to fire off a couple of wild bursts, hitting nary a walker but somehow leaving a line of bullet holes in the truck, even though the recoil should have spun him in the exact opposite direction. The others leave off scrapping and come running, Abraham yelling at him to stop firing, even as Eugene uselessly fills a walker's torso with lead. Tara, Glenn and Rosita join the battle, and soon a dozen or more walkers lie dead on the ground. Abraham snatches the gun away from Eugene and turns back to the truck, which is now dribbling fuel onto the road from a ruptured gas tank. Never at a loss for words, Abraham makes another speech about the vagaries of cruel fate in this unpredictable world of horrors, and it goes like this: "Son of a dick."

Adding to Rick's woes is an intermittent thumping sound that someone is making downstairs, every couple of seconds. Thud… thud… thud…. He's had quite enough of this shit, so he sneaks out from under the bed, slowly wriggling around that dangling boot. He stands there for a minute with the two unconscious men, until one of their companions hollers up the stairs for them to come down. Rick dodges out of there and into the teenager's room even as this guy is coming up the stairs. He hides in the sun porch off that bedroom, lurking just inside the doorway -- a doorway that the guy comes right up to with a tennis ball in hand, which he bounces off the wall a couple of times. At least that explains the thudding, but the downside is that all he has to do is lean forward a degree and turn his head. Lucky for Rick, he doesn't, which is more believable than the idea that anyone could hang around these cold-blooded thugs for any amount of time without getting killed for that infuriating tennis ball-bouncing habit.

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