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Glenn wakes up in the back of the moving truck, and Tara hastily explains that the truck seemed safer than the side of the road after he passed out. Glenn asks if they passed a bus, and Tara reluctantly says they did. "They were all dead," she says. So that must have been after Maggie and Bob and Sasha cleaned it out, then. The even worse news is that they passed it three hours ago. I know that the zombie apocalypse erased all the freeways, but that means they must be at least a hundred miles away by now. Glenn bangs on the back window to stop the truck, but all he gets from Abraham for his trouble is a casual middle finger. Tara joins in, but the truck doesn't stop until Glenn spiderwebs the back window with a rifle stock.

The moment it does, they drop the tailgate and hop out. Abraham and Rosita climb out of the cab, Abraham telling them to get back in, because they're behind schedule. Eugene is also out of the truck and glancing around as Abraham gives Glenn an unnecessary lecture on how to survive by sticking together. "Even with all that gear on your shoulder, you won't last a night. Not by yourself." Well, if Tara could strip off his riot gear and pack it for him while he was unconscious, she can probably be of some help. Glenn is unmoved, but Abraham physically stops him from leaving. "The fate of the entire damn human race might depend on it," he declares. Glenn pushes him away, but his curiosity is aroused. "I'm Sergeant Abraham Ford," says the guy I've been calling Abraham. "And these are my companions, Rosita Espinosa and Dr. Eugene Porter. We're on a mission to get Eugene to Washington, D.C. Eugene's a scientist. And he knows exactly what caused this mess." Wow, that sounds like some stakes there. Either that or Abraham is completely batfuck.

After the ads, do we get to find out the answer? Well, Glenn asks and Eugene pipes up, "It's classified." How convenient. Abraham explains that Eugene's been on his sat-phone to D.C. until a couple of weeks ago, and they could use Glenn's help. "Sorry," Glenn says, and starts walking with Tara at his side. She hurriedly explains to Glenn (and the viewers) that she had to get them off the road, but she's written down every turn and can get him back to the bus. Assuming the ink doesn't wear off before they finish walking back, that is. Tara's also been talking to Abraham, who is following them back up the road as he insists, "There is zero chance you will ever find your wife again. Alive or dead." He makes what he thinks is a sensitive speech about love and loss and how, unlike Maggie, Glenn still has a chance. Glenn responds to this by decking Abraham (yeah, right) and walking on.

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