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Rick sees them off on the front porch, and they agree that they'll be back by noon. Carl's automatic probably doesn't have new bullets yet, so Rick lends his heavy service revolver to his still-sullen son, who jams it into the back of his belt so he can waste that ammo too. Off they go, and Rick closes the door and painfully shoves the couch against it, which will be super handy if they need to get back inside in a hurry. Then he makes his way upstairs, changes the bandage on his wound, sets Carol's watch (8:25) on a bedside table and settles down on the master bed with a clean t-shirt and a thick Jack London. I bet the zombie apocalypse just cratered Stephen King's sales numbers.

Carl comes out of one house with a couple of less empty bags, and as they walk to the next place, Michonne asks if he found anything good, like crazy cheese. I would think that after this long, all cheese would be crazy, but she's referring to the aerosol kind, popping a can out of her duffel bag with a flourish. She offers him the first hit, but he's still crabby and she knows it. So she tries to cheer him up by filling her mouth with the stuff and then slavering at him like a zombie. Which is hilarious, at least by Michonne standards, but he's not in the mood. On the porch of the next house, she apologizes and says that toddlers think she's funny. Carl wonders what she means by that, since it's been a while since anyone saw a toddler, and Michonne comes right out and says she had a three-year-old son. "And he happened to find me extremely funny." She might have been, back then. After they enter and get down to business, Carl comes over all curious, firing questions at her. So she lays down some ground rules: she'll answer one question per every room they clear, after they clear it. Sounds super fun for both of them, plus it should keep the episode's word count nice and low.

Rick has dropped off to sleep with the London on his chest. From downstairs, or possibly from the dream going on behind Rick's REMs, there come the sounds of a door slamming, rough male voices arguing, violence and cruel laughter. That wakes Rick right up. So the noise wasn't coming from his dream, then. Disappointing.

Rick lies there for a moment, then reaches for his hip, which is of course empty because he gave his revolver to Carl. Instead he grabs Carol's watch off the table, which will be a perfectly serviceable weapon if their squat has been invaded by a gang of caterpillars that will need flailing to death. Hearing someone stomping up the stairs, he sneaks to the doorway in time to catch a glimpse of one of the new arrivals entering another room down and across the hall, disappearing from sight without seeing Rick but allowing him to get a glimpse of the big assault rifle he's carrying. Taking his book with him, Rick slides under the bed -- head facing the hallway -- just barely remembering to snatch his water bottle off the table as well. One of the gunmen comes in and stomps around, making Rick very nervous with his close, bloodstained boots and rifle muzzle pointing at the floor, stopping inches from Rick's face. Fortunately, their owner decides to sack out on the bed. Rick remains undiscovered, if somewhat squished.

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Walking Dead




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