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Abraham's truck -- you remember Abraham, the guy with the big mustache and the equally big truck who Tara met at the end of last week, along with his equally silly-looking entourage? Anyway, Abraham's truck rolls past a signpost that holds three items of interest: a stop sign, a marker identifying it as Crook Road and a snagged flaccid Mylar balloon that's attracted a trio of slow-witted but -- one hopes -- eventually high-voiced walkers. Tara's riding in the truck bed, and she was apparently able to liberate from the prison a Sharpie, which she's been using to write directions on her hand. The truck stops as it reaches a logjam of abandoned cars, which includes one walker peacefully rotting away while jammed between two trucks. Those three walkers lose interest in the balloon and start reaching for the truck's tailgate. Tara preps an assault rifle that was in the back with her, but Abraham disembarks and orders, "Do not fire that weapon!" Instead, he cheerfully lets the walkers approach him and engages them with a crowbar. "Aw, honey, look at you," he says mock-sympathetically to the female one, the last to come at him. "You're a damn mess."

He's a bit less cocky, however, when the crowbar doesn't take it out, and even when he uses it to nail its head to the side of the truck, it's impaled through the jaw so it doesn't count. Abraham asks to borrow the rifle from Tara -- who has jumped down in the meantime -- and uses the butt to crush its skull, messily, as well as the one he merely clubbed at the start of this encounter. He returns the bloody rifle to Tara and pulls the crowbar out of the side of the truck, wondering why Tara's looking at him like that. It's because he was smiling. Abraham stops smiling briefly and says, not quite glibly, "Well, I'm the luckiest guy in the world." That's a pretty bold claim, these days.

It's breakfast time at the house where Carl, Rick and Michonne are squatting. Carl thinks the man's white shirt that Michonne is wearing is hilarious for some reason as they sit down to a bowl of cereal. Michonne wishes for soy milk, and Carl, still in a laughing mood, tells a story about how gross it is and that he would rather have anything else, up to and including Judith's formul -- well, party's over now, and so is breakfast.

Michonne finds Rick in the kitchen. The place is bright, clean and well-lit, which just amplifies the contrast between it and Rick's ragged shirt, which looks like it was used to clean a septic tank. He thanks Michonne for making Carl laugh. "I can't be his father and his best friend," Rick says. "He needs you." She would probably make a better father anyway. She wonders if they're staying or just stopping, and Rick says they'll stay here while they figure it out. Seeing the hunted look on Rick's face when he answers, Michonne decides not to push it. She says she and Carl will go for supplies, and Rick can stay behind to finish getting over his coma.

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