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A Hand Up
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We open in a flashback that involves a pre-badass Shane and Lori... so it's really the worst thing ever. They're with Carol, Sophia and her abusive now-dead husband stranded on a road with thousands of other people. Carl's hungry and Carol offers up some of their MRE's, but she's totally going to get smacked upside the head for that when no one is looking. Despite the fact that Lori realizes Carol is in an abusive situation, she leaves her son with her and goes wandering off with Shane to see what the hold up is. They look at the most fake-y blue screen Atlanta possible (seriously, worst special effects ever), just in time to see military helicopters fly over and napalm the streets. They realize exactly how screwed they truly are.

Lori wakes up late on laundry day, and Carol's all bright and chipper and wants to cook and make dinner for Hershel and his family. Lori thinks it is a great idea, and gets volunteered to be the one to ask... as Carol considers her the "unofficial first lady." Good lord, that's so annoying.

Rick gathers the gang to start Sophia-searching, and they are joined by Jimmy who swears that Hershel told him it was fine to join the search party. Rick takes this at face value and then starts planning out a grid based on the farmhouse that Daryl found. Shane has a stick up his ass and thinks that anyone could have been sleeping in the cupboard in the farmhouse. Daryl reiterates that it was for someone particularly small, and then says he's going up on the ridge for a better view and he's taking one of the horses. T-Dog and Dale tease him about the mythical Chupacabra that he once saw when he was squirrel hunting. He doesn't take any of their grief and says in a world that is filled with dead men walking, that the bloodsucking dog seems totally plausible. I'm with him. Then again, I hate Rick, so I'd be on Daryl's side no matter what. Before they split off, Jimmy tries to take one of the weapons that Dale hands out, and Shane offers to properly teach him how to shoot. Jimmy shrugs this off, and Andrea volunteers to take him with her and T-Dog.

The formerly awesome Glennn sits on the porch strumming a guitar waiting for Maggie to come out. When she does he opens with a line about having eleven condoms left. She tells him she doesn't know if she likes him or not, and he tries to be smooth, but the whole scene just makes me cringe. Thankfully, it's rather short.

In the woods, Rick is hanging red rags on the trees, and Shane is looking all pissed off. To cheer him up, Rick asks Shane about this girl he used to bang at the Dairy Queen. There is a lengthy conversation about Shane's sexual prowess when he was a teenager and the PE teachers that he used to have sex with "on the regular." I'll take pissy Shane instead, thanks. Rick was not what you'd call a stud in high school. Big surprise. Shane starts to get weird, saying that everyone in their stories is dead and they're wasting their time talking about them. Rick says it is nice to think about the past. I'd rather see Shane and Rick in high school than flashbacks to Atlanta getting bombed and fireballs that look less convincing than Gone With the Wind, but I'm overruled here. Shane brings us around to his point, which is that they don't have time to waste searching for some little girl who is most likely dead by police standards, as it has been far longer than the normal 72 hours. He thinks they should think of the greater good, and he even brings up Carl getting shot in the searching process. Rick's not willing to give up, and then he sees a tree with a blue rag on it (which indicates it is part of T-Dog's grid) and the two head back to camp.

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