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Burning Down the House

Rick tries to convince everyone that Shane was a danger to the group. Then he spins the killing as self-defense. If it was self-defense, how exactly is that helping the entire group? And was Shane ever really a danger to everyone else? He wanted to kill Randall. He mostly just wanted Lori to love him. It seems like the only person who was really in danger was Rick. And it's not like Rick was able to stop the gunshot that attracted the walkers to the farm in droves. There was no protecting; it was just Rick being a selfish prick who only wanted to get rid of the immediate threat to his personal well-being/power position in the group.

Carl starts bawling, because of course he does. And everyone else looks shell-shocked and horrified. Somehow surviving this big zombie raid seems like nothing when you are faced with following a leader who just admitted to killing a man to keep control. Rick gives everyone the option to either go out in the dark alone or stay by the nice cozy fire. If they stay, they are subject to his dictatorship, as he says there's no more democracy here. Note that he didn't give them this option while they were close to their cars in the daylight. He waited until they were trapped in a somewhat safe place to lay his iron fist down. Lori's gaping eyes, which usually bug the hell out of me, actually work here because she looks like she wants to kill her husband with her stare.

As everyone comes to terms with new crazypants Rick, we zoom out to see that they are close to a large, imposing building, which looks like it could be a prison, where I'm guessing we'll be spending at least part of next season. It's got to be better than the farm, right? Maybe someone there has a tracking device they can put on Carl.

Overall, not a bad way to end the season, though I'm far more interested in Andrea's storyline than anything else at the moment. Well, unless my beloved Daryl decides to skip town and leave Rick in the dust. And, aside from some preachy moments about faith and love and whatnot, there wasn't a lot of talking, which made it one of the best episodes yet.

Check out a recap of the season finale from Hulu's The Morning After show:

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