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Burning Down the House

The troupe on the highway has to stop because one car is out of gas, and while there are several viable options on how to deal with this that don't involve having a campout in an area where there could be lots of zombies, Rick refuses to hear them. He insists that they all stick together and wait until daylight to go get gas. Why didn't they think to quickly siphon gas when they were on the highway? It's more annoying than a little kid who asks to go pee five seconds after you get in the car.

While they are stopped, people start to get inquisitive about the whole Randall-turning-into-a-zombie-without-being-bitten thing, and Shane drops the bomb that they are all infected... and that he's known since Jenner told him at the CDC. We may have figured it out, but to say that this doesn't go over well is an understatement. Everyone is pissed as hell that he knew this and didn't tell them, and he says he was protecting them? Exactly how? What if they were with a person who just died from a fall? And then that person came after them? That would leave them pretty unprotected. Rick realizes that his leadership abilities are being questioned and storms off to pout.

Lori follows after him and seems somewhat sympathetic about his choice to keep this to himself. Well, until he tells her that he killed Shane. And he's happy about it, because Shane was trying to steal his family. Then Lori turns green and looks like she wants to puke, and not just because she's pregnant. Yeah, Rick sounds about as crazy as Shane ever was. And then Rick makes matters worse by telling Lori that Carl delivered the killshot to zombie Shane. She glares at him like he's some kind of monster, which he really is. He's killed more humans on this show than anyone.

Suddenly awesome Andrea is still kicking ass in the woods with only a box cutter to fend off the walkers. She's nearly taken down, but some creepy ass hooded female figure saves her with a samurai sword. The person in the cloak has two armless walkers on chains with her, and looks like some twisted S&M version of the grim reaper. But we won't find out more about this mysterious stranger until next season (unless we bother to read the comics or peruse Wikipedia), but for now, it's probably still better than being with Rick and Carl.

The others are all camped out by some waterfall thing, because a fire won't attract attention or anything. Carol tries to convince Daryl that he should ditch Rick because he's an asshole who only cares about his family. Maggie's inclined to agree with her. When a noise sounds off in the woods, they all want to investigate, but Rick quickly puts a damper on that. He wants them to stay together, like some bratty kid who doesn't want to share his toys ... but more evil. Still think Rick's a nice guy? Try hearing him screaming, "I killed my best friend for you people, for god's sake" in the woods in front of his son. Not the words of a rational or trustworthy man.

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