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Burning Down the House

Rick returns to the highway, back where they left supplies for Sophia, and sees no one else there. Carl throws a hissy fit about going back to the farm to find Lori, even though Rick tells him to be quiet and not draw the attention of the walkers. Depressed old Hershel would like very much for Rick to take Carl somewhere far, far away where they'll be safe. It might seem like a nice gesture, but Hershel is willing to stay like a sitting duck on the highway awaiting the others all alone, if Rick and Carl will get the hell out of there. I'd probably rather die alone than have to deal with Carl, too. Rick and Hershel have some more inane conversation about God and resurrection that is heavy-handed and about as predictable as you'd expect. You can fill in your own blanks here, I don't have the patience to recap that blather.

T-Dog finally gets some lines, and they are all about wanting to ditch everyone else and hightail it to the East Coast. Seems like that was what he wanted all along, but no one ever listened to him. Can't imagine why. Lori wants to go back to the highway, says that Beth does, too (though she's mostly mute) and even tries jumping out of the car. Let her! Why didn't he let her? Anyway, he reluctantly gives in.

Back on the highway, Rick is about to give up hope and drive off, but everyone shows up at the same time. Seems that while they scattered in what seemed liked different directions, they all found each other at exactly the same moment? Very convenient. They do a roll call and account for the deaths of all the missing... except Andrea. No one actually saw her die. They barely even entertain the idea of going back for her, but opt to leave her for dead. So they'll send four guys out into the woods to look for Randall, but not one person to look for Andrea who has been with them all along. It's probably a good thing that Dale isn't around to see this.

As for Andrea, she's actually not dead. She's running in the woods. Girl has some amazing cardio capacity, given that it was dark when the zombie attack started and is now full-on daylight. She pauses for a moment to check her very low ammunition status and takes down a walker in the process. Then she starts running and shooting quite effectively, like any good action hero would. For a woman who spent most of the season wanting to die, she's certainly making up for it by fighting for her life now. And she looks pretty badass while doing it. I may hate the hell out of whiny Andrea most of the time, but I like her when she's in survival mode.

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