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Truce and Consequences
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Daryl, Rick and Hershel roll up to some grain silos on a farm, Daryl on his chopper and Rick riding shotgun while Hershel drives the Hyundai. Presumably it doesn't have a clutch, though we see Hershel pausing to adjust his right stump before going all eagle-eye out the car window. Daryl and Rick get out, crossbow and revolver drawn, while Hershel stays behind with a rifle as the wheel man. Daryl and Rick work their way past various outbuildings, past a fallen walker in the yard, and Rick enters and explores a large shed, quietly cocking his gun as he mounts a ramp to what looks like a small, raised space with a table and two chairs. Almost like a classroom. But when the teacher arrives, it's the Governor, alone. He raises his empty hands and grins at Rick, "We have a lot to talk about." Oh, good another talking episode.

Coming back, Rick doesn't put his gun down, saying the Governor attacked them. The Governor points out that he could have killed all of them, but didn't. "And here we are," Rick says, and quickly raises his gun at the first twitch of the Governor's hand. The Governor raises them again and says he'd like them both to disarm so they can negotiate in good faith. He removes his gunbelt and hangs it on a hook. Rick holsters his weapon, but he keeps the belt. The Governor pleasantly sits down at his end of the table, which has a handgun taped to it out of Rick's view. You'd think Rick would be wise to tricks like that after what happened with Morgan last week.

Daryl, who's been patrolling outside, meets up with Hershel as he drives up in the car and updates him on the situation. "Don't feel right. Keep it running," Daryl says. A retrofitted SUV from Woodbury's motor pool rolls up with Martinez at the wheel and Milton in back, both of whom step out. And Andrea, of course, who already had a chance to resolve this two weeks ago but passed. Covering all of them with his crossbow, Daryl demands to know why the Governor is already inside. Andrea is surprised to hear it, but Martinez clearly isn't. Andrea charges right in there through the front door and reminds them both that she wanted them to talk. "Let's end this. Save the bullets for the real threat." Which is about as scary as runaway livestock in recent weeks since this conflict escalated, thanks for reminding us. Rick addresses the Governor, saying he knows all about the raids, and the heads, and Maggie. The Governor tries to blame Merle for that last one, but Rick isn't buying. The Governor says they're here to move forward, and again deploys that used-car salesman grin that I'm sure would be perfect for selling vehicles with one headlight.

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