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We open on Bob, presumably in the days before he joined the prison. He's ragged, unshaven, wandering the woods alone with only a machete for defense. At some point he came across an abandoned lean-to in the woods, shored it up, and settled in for some of that thing Bob likes to do when it gets quiet (i.e. drinking). The zombies couldn't get in, but they could reach in, so eventually Bob moved on and found a nice high semitrailer to stretch out on top of. He'd just left it when up rolled Daryl on his chopper, and Glenn in the pickup, because that must have been when the prison's oil refinery was up and running. They made first contact, and Daryl was the one to ask Rick's famous three questions. How many walkers have you killed, how many people, and why? Bob's answers are 1) a couple dozen, 2) only one, and 3) "she asked me to." Bob's in, saying it doesn't matter who they are. He rides off in the back of Glenn's truck, smiling at the road behind. This was a good day for Bob.

Here's something we haven't seen much of on this show: fog. And it proves to be a damned inconvenient condition during the zombie apocalypse, as you might imagine. Present-day Bob, Maggie, and Sasha are standing in a circle -- actually a triangle -- with their backs to each other, engulfed in the stuff. They can hear what sounds like a significant number of walkers in the pea soup surrounding them, but can't see any until they're almost on top of them. Which, obligingly, the walkers start being, one by one. With knives and sharpened poles, they set about defending themselves. After dispatching one, Sasha looks up and has to shoot one off of Bob by blowing its arm off, then pulls another off Maggie, who is almost immediately borne to the ground by another. Sasha pistol-whips the skull of the first, then blasts a hole in the second one's as Maggie is trying to push it away. Sasha falls to her knees in front of Bob, who she thinks has been bit, but Bob assures her that the walker just got a mouthful of bandage. Yeah, that seems sanitary. Sasha hugs him, but lets go in a hurry when he says ow. "I didn't say stop," Bob points out. Too late. She stopped, and doesn't look like starting again any time soon.

Daryl is teaching Beth to hunt, apparently. He's letting her carry the crossbow as she follows a trail through the woods, with Daryl close behind her. Eventually they get to a clearing, where a walker is on its knees with its back to them and a gun on its hip. Armed zombies? That doesn't seem fair. Beth advances on it, only to step in an animal trap and collapse to the ground. To her credit, she maintains her grip on the crossbow and even manages to hit the zombie in the head with her one shot, but the arrow went through too low to hit the brain, and the walker keeps coming. Daryl rushes forward, brains the zombie by swinging the crossbow at its face, and frees Beth from the trap all in one motion. Whoever was trying to catch her is going to be disappointed.

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