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Point of Return
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The scene is some kind of compound, with nondescript buildings and guard booths and abandoned school buses all surrounded by a chain link fence. Oh, and Walkers. Noisy, hungry, numerous Walkers. Shane flees them, threading between the parked vehicles. Elsewhere on the grounds, a big Herman Munster-looking motherfucker of a zombie comes charging through a broken window right behind Rick and dives for him, undeterred by its belly flop onto the ground. One notices that both Rick and Shane look a little battered already. And Randall, with his hands tied behind his back, wriggles across the ground to where a bloody knife has been dropped. Shane ducks inside a school bus, barely able to wedge the door shut behind him while the Walkers grunt and claw outside. No, you didn't miss anything, but I assume we'll be seeing How We Got Here.

Okay, I'm glad to see there's no "Two Hours Earlier" subtitle on the screen before a car pulls up to a crossroads. Rick and Shane get out, even though they haven't gone the agreed-upon eighteen miles, because Rick wants to talk. Oh and apparently it's been a week since the events of the last episode, which is this show's equivalent of leaping forward a year like Battlestar Galactica. Shane says he now gets why they're dropping Randall off alive, but Rick's got heavier things on his mind: "I heard what really happened at the school," he says. Yes, third-hand, following a chain of "evidence" that leads back to Dale's shaky suspicions. Good thing they're correct. Without getting angry or defensive, Shane says it was either him or Otis. And anyway, "[Otis] had no business bein' here. There. Whatever." Because it's Shane's job to decide who in this world lives (which, obviously, includes Shane). He tells Rick, "You can't just be the good guy and expect to live." See, there he goes again. Rick says he isn't, and adds that Shane is done being dangerous like Lori thinks he is. Rick argues that his restraint in not feeding Shane his teeth for screwing Lori wasn't weakness. "That is my wife. That is my son. That is my unborn child. I will stay alive to keep them alive." Rick then says that Shane doesn't love Lori, and Shane has to accept everything Rick's said or they're done. Shane has little to say. He just retells his story about having to leave Rick in the hospital and not being able to live with it. "I didn't keep Lori and Carl alive, man, they kept me alive. I want you to know that I didn't look at her before that." He says he'd take it all back if he could. That seems to be all Rick needed to hear. "I want to check the ropes," he announces.

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