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The Live Shows Premiere, Part 2

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Xtina Xpresses Xself

Believe in your dreams, The Voice is live. Yet again, Christina is getting ready to perform so she can't be introduced with the rest of the coaches. What a diva. Teams Christina and Cee Lo perform for this episode, and after a night of good performances from Blake and Adam's teams, I'm hoping for some really terrible performances. If it keeps going this way, boring will be the worst thing an artist can be. I prefer when they are outright bad.

Team Cee Lo performs first, putting Team Christina at a slight disadvantage, just because they're performing after 10 PM Pacific Time. That is past the bedtimes of most moms and some teen voters. Who are the primary voters these days, anyway?

Before all that, though, Christina will sing all over another song: A Great Big World's "Say Something." Is this that song from Catching Fire? Whatever it is, it is not in typical Christina Aguilera style. She's like, meek and breathy. Go for it, Xtina, what are you holding back for? And why you wearing that beanie like you all casual? I'm shocked, but not entirely displeased. The song is pretty and current. So pretty, in fact, that it may just become the new soundtrack to my nightly cry-baths.

The contestant performances begin with Amber Nicole, who Cee Lo stole from Christina. Her hair is cool and her voice is good, so I hope she performs well tonight. Her older sister is a vocal coach who worked with Usher. For some reason this makes me like her less. This week she's singing "Wasting All These Tears" by Cassadee Pope. Ugh, yes, that Cassadee Pope. Why are you subscribing to the system so hard, Cee Lo?

It's a country song, but Cee Lo wants to show her range beyond being just an "urban artist." Amber sounds good on the song, but the song itself isn't very good. This is not the best we've heard Amber sing, either, and she did not hit that big high note at the end. That big, stupid, Voice Season Three Winner note.

Adam says that that one note (the big note) was a little flat but overall he liked it. Blake says it's hard for him to imagine anyone but the beloved Cassadee Pope singing that song. Yeah, that song that none of us know. But other than that he thought it was good. Had Cee Lo and Christina known Blake and Adam would be so critical would they have been as kind in the last episode? Christina is kind to her former artist, going on and on like it's a private session. Cee Lo agrees with the other coaches that all in all it was a wonderful job. That note, though.

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