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The results are in! America has done a lot of voting this week, but now things are important. First, let's see what everyone is dressed as in this never-ending Halloween. Adam is dressed as Cabin Adam Levine, Cee Lo is dressed as a cougar from the 1970s and Christina's costume pack said "Spanish Dancer." Carson tells us Maroon 5 will perform (I wonder how they got them...), as well as Season 2 winner Jermaine Paul.

In a recap of the performances week, all the coaches are over-confident. Carson notes that "every single one of our Top 20 artists charted on iTunes... good job," and then he gave an awkward thumbs up. I'm starting to enjoy Carson's presence on this show; certainly more than Christina's fan thing she's doing.

The coaches all agree that it will be difficult to choose just one person to save, after Carson finds four different ways to ask the same question. They also all think their team is the best.

"Are you ready for some MUSIC," Carson then asks America. I guess so. Team Adam and Team Blake are giving us a group performance of "Stronger" now and I'm willing to bet that since it has no bearing whatsoever on the results, it will be spectacular and well-rehearsed. Again, I don't know how many times I have to say this, "Stronger" is a bad song for singers. I applaud Amanda Brown for not trying too hard in this hot mess. The more over it the contestant is, the more I like them.

Contestants in order of fucks given about this performance (from most to least fucks): Michaela, Joselyn, Cassadee, Liz, Julio, Loren, Bryan, Melanie, Amanda and then Terry. Oh, and the person who cared the least is the person who staged this. They included some half-hearted choreography for Julio and Liz, who failed to execute it with any confidence. It was basically the best thing ever. Go Team The Voice.

Team Adam gets results first. I think Joselyn and Loren will probably be in the bottom. Adam is trying a lot of polo shirts these days and I don't like him looking like a dad in a car commercial. The contestants on Team Adam who received the most votes from America are Amanda Brown (duh), and Bryan Keith. For whatever reason, Christina looks extremely satisfied with herself, as though this was her doing.

Adam is immediately asked to save one artist, the audience starts yelling and Adam asks them please to let him talk. "Please let me talk. Please. You can yell and scream in a second, it's just really important for me to talk to these guys," Adam tells the audience, who has been conditioned for years and years to yell and scream at will. Adam is really acting like a dad in a car commercial now.

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