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The Battle of the Sexys

As though nothing has changed or happened, The Voice plods on. The judges all look better tonight. Christina has a polka dot fan, and Cee Lo is wearing some kind of salute to America macramé. Team Christina and Team Cee Lo perform tonight, so we'll see a poorly-selected and honed team, and Cee Lo's menagerie of underdogs.

"Save your votes for Team Christina," Christina tells America, still not understanding how this show works. That's OK; we're all just learning as we go. Carson tells Christina she's looking lovely and patriotic tonight, and Christina assures us it was unintentional. She doesn't think about anything anymore. She had her whole team over to her house on Tuesday night (wait, what? By force?) and treated them to a private listening of her new album. The perks just never begin on Team Christina.

The first performance is the dreadful group performance. Teams Cee Lo and Christina perform a tired version of "Sing," and if anything's for sure, it certainly took up some time. I did like seeing Odd Nicholas David not caring about this at all. Just for having the appropriate attitude, I will declare him the winner of this piece of garbage.

The first real performance comes from Adriana Louise, of Team Christina. Adriana is singing "Firework" for her Playoffs selection, and Christina will guide her in an obscenely oversized cat sweater. Christina is looking more and more like Halloween every day. As the performance starts, the camera struggles to find Adriana, who is planted on a platform amongst reluctantly clapping audience members. I think Adriana stayed on the platform too long, and her vocals aren't coming across as particularly exciting or on-key. It verges on yelling, and Christina's mouth gets all tight behind her smile.

Cee Lo makes us all fall in love with him again, saying, "Team Cee Lo considers you worthy competition." After some flattering from the coaches who are off tonight, Christina mentions that Adriana has a great personality, which can't be good.

Then, we have to check in with Christina Milian and whoever she awkwardly pulled aside to surround her in the skybox. But sweet relief comes in the form of Cody Belew on Team Cee Lo. He saved us from Domo, he sang "Jolene," and now he's singing some George Michael.

Cody's performance is heartfelt, and he delivers a great vocal. Cee Lo stands at the end, full of joy. Adam admits to being a fan, Blake calls it Cody's best performance yet, telling him Miranda really likes him, too. All the coaches love Cody.

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