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Our votes have been hand counted by Carson Daly and it's time for the results. Yes, all those numbers that you send your text vote to re-direct to Carson's phone. It's been a busy week for him. Carson introduces the coaches and everyone is ready with a gimmicky face except for Shakira, whose eye was itchy or something. I love it -- she looks tired and like she doesn't care at all.

Each coach can only save one of their artists (of their bottom two) for the Top 12. They still have as much power as Adam demands in his contract. Cee Lo, Rod Stewart and some of the contestants will perform tonight, but first this business guy Jason George, CEO of Telescope. Telescope does all the competition show voting pretty much. Jason George looks like the thin man in Charlie's Angels, but I shouldn't say anything mean about him because he didn't ask for this.

Telescope Business Man is here to tell us that they noticed some inconsistencies in the text voting system (does that mean a computer was set up to rig the voting?), but Telescope monitoring systems caught those inconsistencies. So don't even try next time, computer hackers who love The Voice. Carson says that even though they were able to catch the inconsistencies, for complete fairness text and online votes won't count this week. WHAT?! I did all my voting with an elaborate virus I sent to Carson's phone .

Telescope certifies that removing those votes has not affected the outcome for any team. So they didn't really need to tell us that. Maybe it's a legal thing. Anyway, here's Team Blake and Team Shakira performing very loosely and tiredly. The only person who seems genuinely into it is Garrett Gardner. Are we surprised?

Team Blake is first to hear some results. But first, we take another look at the performances from Team Blake. It's important to do this, because they are all country artists and sometimes it's hard to tell one from another (that's not really true, except in the case of the Swon Brothers -- who are brothers -- and Justin and any other white guy). I think a guy or two will go home from Blake's team this time.

America voted to save Holly Tucker, and that's without the online and text votes so thanks a lot Telescope. The text-voting Swon Brother fanbase is livid right now. America also voted lots for Danielle Bradbery. I love when I am right. Blake must now choose whether to save Justin Rivers or the Swon Brothers. Blake says he went over all the combinations and who he would save in his mind and he did not think of this, out of six possible combinations. In the name of diversity, Blake saves the Swon Brothers. Sorry, Justin, we never knew you.

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