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The Blind Auditions Premiere, Part 2

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This time, Usher claims to be back with a new attitude and Shakira claims to have a strategy. I just really don't see Shakira winning this unless she gets lucky with a steal or something. She says she's looking forward to beating Adam and Blake in a cutesy backstage segment, but even Shaki's not convinced.

The first audition of the night is a returning contestant: Delvin Choice, the singing barista. He is still working for Starbucks, the sponsor of this show, and he is still incredibly grateful to be part of such an awesome company that supports its partners' dreams. Last season, the coaches advised him to choose a less dance-y song so this season he's singing "A Song for You" by Donny Hathaway and hoping Usher and Shakira might see what Cee Lo and Christina didn't. I don't remember what I thought of Delvin last time, but I'm not sure I love him coming back up from shoving himself down our throats.

It turns out "A Song for You" was a much better choice. Delvin gets button pushes from Adam, Shakira and Blake by the second phrase. He really does sound good, but that must be the Starbucks working its magic. Usher is still deciding whether or not to push his button and fight for this singer, as though he can sense that Delvin's jeans are rolled up at the ankle. Adam and Shakira are standing, which is going to be a real thing this season. Carson, not satisfied with three chairs, shouts for Usher to turn around in the viewing room. In the final notes, Usher obliges.

Adam and Blake don't seem to have any memory of Delvin. He reminds them that he used to work at Starbucks. "That's right," Adam says, still feigning recognition. He then compliments Delvin on becoming a much better singer because "I didn't even recognize your voice this time, that's how much better it was." That is not a good sign. Blake makes a crack about Delvin's wacky hair. Shakira raises her right hand and promises that she will take Delvin to the top in this competition, and Adam mocks her accent. Usher says Shakira is lying and Adam continues his borderline offensive Shakira impression. Usher continues, saying that this song is personal for him and he bets the other coaches can't name who performs it. He is correct. It didn't make the list of Adam's 1,001 favorite songs.

Usher tells Delvin, "I want you to be great." Adam tries again to tell Delvin he started coaching him in Season 5. Delvin relishes the moment of full attention before disappointingly choosing Adam. I never know why contestants choose Adam. Delvin claims it was because of the intensity and desire in Adam's eyes.

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