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Blindly Chasing the Dream

I am ecstatic to see that The Voice is changing and reconsidering the staid way they run things. For example, the coach opening number looks a little more heavily produced and was not introduced by a sleep-deprived Carson Daly. This is an improvement, even though Blake is turning "Wherever, Whenever" by Shakira into a country song, and Shakira has to pretend she likes it. Then Blake tries not to coach Shakira through one of his songs. Then Usher makes a Maroon 5 song better by singing lead on it (this is a cover I would purchase!) and Adam sings "Without You." This second body-swap is less of a stretch but the number closes out strong.

The coaches high five in slow motion as Carson reintroduces them to us and we admire Usher's higher hair. The singers only have 90 seconds in the blind auditions to make an impression, the coaches will fight for the ones they like, so on and so forth. Tonight we'll see if we have already seen all the singing talent America has to offer. By now we must have, right?

The very first audition of season six comes from 19-year old pop singer Christina Grimme. She is sort of a YouTube sensation but I don't see any dead or famous relatives coming out of her backstory. She walks kind of tough and I don't hate her yet. She launches into a very skillfully controlled "Wrecking Ball" and gets chair turns from everyone but Blake almost immediately. "That didn't take long!" Carson exclaims stupidly.

Christina hits her big note and Blake turns around, smugly. This girl is a home run. She's cute and not grating, plus she has a great voice. Adam tells her she could be a huge star because she's almost more comfortable on stage than he is. Shakira says Adam is tired, and having taken a season off she is "focused as laser." Usher says he would like to unlock her incredible potential, and Shakira offers to understand Christina as a woman. Frustratingly, Christina chooses Adam because he told her "You are the one, my dear." Adam goes back and meets Christina's family.

To show off what a smooth ride the Kia Sorento can provide, Carson heads to the convenient South Central L.A. to plumb the depths of contestant T.J. Wilkins' backstory. He grew up in a rough neighborhood but decided not to let his environment turn him into another statistic or what have you. T.J. has elected to sing "Benny and the Jets," and says it's kind of a risk because it's a well-known song. I bet it's one of Adam's favorites. It's in the Top 500, at the very least. T.J.'s voice is smooth and causes chair turns from Adam, Usher, and Blake pretty quickly. I like his rendition of it, and not just because there's not a trace of a life of crime in it.

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