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The Blind Auditions, Part 3

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Briana isn't jealous of Kaley's success and does not resent her for it. Not yet, anyway. Right off the bat, I think Briana chose the wrong song. She's singing "You and I" by Lady Gaga and maybe she can't really hear the track. It's just not quite there, but she has a good voice. Eventually, Christina pushes her button and Cee Lo turns his chair at the last second after Adam coerced him to.

The performance made Briana tired, I guess, so she sits down. Then she gets up and no one notices her famous last name. Christina says she sees Briana's raw talent and Adam and Blake compliment Christina's straightforward pitch. Cee Lo's argument basically didn't even matter because Christina is killing it this season and Briana chose her in the name of girl power.

"We used to listen to 'Genie in a Bottle'!" Kaley tells her sister excitedly, as though Christina hasn't done amazing things since.

The next person to audition is George Horga, Jr., who is in it to please his Romanian parents. George Jr.'s family is obviously awesome, but in spite of that he left them to live in Hollywood when he turned 18. Someone must have told him he's good looking. George Sr. looks like he could be a professional wrestler, which is not a bad thing.

George Jr. has kind of an old boy band sound, but the girls are going nuts. Christina figures out soon enough that he's attractive, and Cee Lo wisely pushes his button. George Jr. can be molded into a better singer, but it's always nice to start with a pretty face. Also, George Jr. says he's from Portland, Oregon, not Hollywood so … what the deal with that?

The coaches congratulate George Jr. on getting Cee Lo as a coach. It's a good match. In the viewing room, the Romanians cheer for George Jr. being attractive. They might not totally get what is happening, and can you blame them? I don't even understand this show half the time. Wrestling is something we can all understand.

The other artists to join teams who we don't have enough time to focus on were Anthony Paul on Cee Lo's team, Cilla Chan for Team Blake, and Jacob Poole on Christina's team. We probably won't see much more of them this season.

The final audition of the episode belongs to Preston Pohl, who played guitar for a Christian rock band. Oh. The bass player of this band passed away, giving Preston the perfect opportunity to audition for The Voice.

Preston's audition soon proves to be the only redeeming thing about this episode (aside from George Horga, Sr.). He has a smokey raspy voice but a lot of power, confidence and control, singing "Electric Feel." He chose a great song to open him up for Cee Lo or Adam's teams. Blake also turns his chair just to get in there. Christina stayed on the fence, and made this episode one without any four-chair turns.

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