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The Blind Auditions, Part 3

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The next contestant, Monika Leigh, is 13 years older than Timyra-Joi but just young enough to give up singing and go into porn. I'm just saying that based on the way she talks; it looks like she was allowed only photos of Daisy Fuentes growing up, then watched a few episodes of The Girls Next Door during her formative years. She says from 13-21 she gigged bars and cafes and all that and at 22 she decided to give up music because it was just a silly dream and she felt like she was too old. So she got a job in a hotel, which no one is too old for. I respect Monika for getting a full-time job, even just to prove she could.

Monika is nervous to get back into singing, having taken a four year break. But you're never too old to audition for The Voice, legally. She sings "The Thrill is Gone," and it's missing the thrill for the first verse but she gets her button pushes during the chorus from Adam and Cee Lo. She's a good fit for Team Adam, I reckon. Blake turns his chair giddily in the last moments of the song. As Monika is used to, the men proceed to fight over her.

After all the digs and homophobic comments, Blake takes out his trophies and that seals the deal for Monika. Blake also promised to make her the centerpiece of his team, so.

The next artist is wearing a cowboy hat, so he will probably also end up on Blake's team. His name is Zach Hinson and he's a firefighter in Yakima, Washington. Washington state does have its country parts, so I buy the cowboy hat. He looks kind of like a celebrity already, so that's going for him. But now, Zach is going into singing because it is so much safer than fighting fucking fire.

Zach's parents are eager but softspoken and I love them for that. Zach sings some country song called "Drunk on You." Is it also by Blake Shelton? I wouldn't know. Zach continues his performance without a Blake Shelton chair turn and the only affirmation he gets is a quiet, "that was good!" from his mom in the viewing room. No one turns their chairs, probably because his family wasn't loud enough, and everyone is disappointed that he's so good looking. Zach wasn't impressed with his own performance, so he takes the feedback in stride.

It's not a two-hour episode of The Voice without Carson driving the Kia around a little bit, so he lugs the Sorento over to meet the next artist, Briana Cuoco, who obviously has a famous sister. Kaley Cuoco is a big deal on The Big Bang Theory so duh, she doesn't have time to walk her dogs and shit. But she isn't too big of a deal to be supportive of her sister's/personal assistant's dreams. She is also not too famous to watch The Voice.

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