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The Blind Auditions, Part 3

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Malford sings "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green and sounds effortless and smooth. He doesn't get any immediate button pushes, probably because it's just easy to listen to him and forget about the competition. To my surprise, no one pushes their button. The coaches feel bad so they compliment Malford to no end. Cee Lo says Malford's rendition was almost too true to the original, which is basically flawless. They all love Malford, but no one wants him on their team.

The other artists who, like Malford, left with lots of compliments and no coach, were classical-sounding dude John Travis, little smoove guy Kenny Araujo, and ten-years-too-late Jeremiah Richey.

The next artist, Justin Blake, represents yet another walk of life. He's an "escort driver," which is not nearly as exotic or sexy as it sounds. He drives behind trucks and mobile homes in a truck that says "oversize load" on the back. Justin's girlfriend is pregnant and about to become an oversize load. That was a little cruel, considering that it was a burn on Justin's girlfriend, who never did anything wrong except date a guy who wanted to become a professional singer. I don't care much about Justin, who says that singing a Blake Shelton song will set him apart.

I can't really understand the words in this song, but maybe when Blake sings them they are equally unintelligible. Taking a chance on country, Adam pushes his button to spite Blake. Once Justin got going, he sounded much better, but he didn't get that Blake Shelton chair turn. Adam half-celebrates.

It comes out that no one knew it was one of Blake's songs and it turns into the Blake and Adam show, which Justin's family chuckle at politely. I don't think anyone really cares about this.

Fifteen-year old Timyra-Joi's much-hyped audition promises to get some chair turns. She is darling in every way, including having a cute mom. I'm not sure whether or not it's going to bother me that Timyra-Joi has had a vocal coach since she's five, but look at this woman. Apparently they lived with her for a while and also, look at her. She looks amazing and unintentionally a little like Mama Elsa from Real Housewives of Miami.

Timyra-Joi sings "Girl on Fire" with an insane amount of maturity and passion. Christina turns her chair almost immediately and tries not to react too strongly so as not to tip off the other coaches. Or maybe Christina is tired, it's hard to tell. In the last phrase, Blake turns his chair on a whim and Cee Lo follows. This one should be Christina's, though. Timyra-Joi chooses Christina, so we'd better learn how to spell that name.

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