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The Blind Auditions, Part 3

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The next contestant is Lina Gaudenzi. Her mom was a professional model so you know she's had it rough. To no one's surprise, Lina was also a model, then gained over 40 pounds in high school and became normal size. Then she moved to Paris and started singing. Man, what a hard life.

Lina sings "Landslide," and you know Adam is going to be like "myahhh Stevie Nicks," no matter what she sounds like. She has that fast Stevie Nicks vibrato, so I think this is a good song for her. Christina turns her chair first. Adam likes the song but doesn't do any direct button pushing, even after goading Blake into it. She should not be on Blake's team.

Blake and Christina state their irrelevant cases after Lina says her genre is "bluesy, soulful folk." Adam roots for Christina Aguilera. I like that he's helping the other coaches when he doesn't have a hat in the ring. Lina chooses Christina and everyone claps so we can move on with our lives.

Look at this cute girl named Juhi. She looks almost exactly like this girl I know who is not named Juhi. This girl is a senior in high school who loves computer science but also likes singing rock ‘n roll. Her Indian parents are weirdly supportive of whatever she wants to do, maybe because her brother is already winning all the spelling bees. Sorry if that's an offensive stereotype that Indians are smart and good at everything they do.

Juhi chose "Mercy" by Duffy to sing and she has lots of spunky sass and flair. If only the judges could see how cute she's being. Good thing her voice is good, too. In spite of her borderline-out of control vibrato and tendency toward adding frills on every phrase, Juhi gets chair turns from Christina and Cee Lo.

Christina asks Juhi who she wants to be as an artist and she answers "a cross between Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain." Christina promises she can take Juhi there, so we will just let the other things those artists are famous for roll off. I'm sure she just meant the type of music they sing, which intersects easily (no, it doesn't). Cee Lo offers that he and Juhi are kindred spirits and I think she's very likely to go with Cee Lo, even though Christina might be a more helpful coach for her. She goes with Cee Lo because of course, anyone with an odd color in their hair has to go with Cee Lo.

Now get out of here, Juhi, you look too much like that person I know. Next to audition is this albino black guy who wound up looking like Drew Carey. His name is Malford Mulligan, so that is awesome. Malford overcame his differences and legal blindness by singing. He's excited that, like him, the auditions are blind because he often feels stymied by the way he looks.

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