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The Best of the Blind Auditions

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The Blind Auditions Happened, Did You Know?

So if this is "the best" of the blind auditions, it's going to be people you've all seen before, right? If I'd actually seen past episodes, I'd be pretty bummed about having to recap these again.

Judges talk about how great blind auditions are as a concept. Did they film it before the season started? Christina says they "all" appreciate and care about other artists, so it's nice that the bunch of them are such philanthropists.

Adam likes to win. He won the first season, did you know? Adam is "feisty," according to Christina. Cee Lo says Adam's a car salesman, but good at it. Yeah, I think I'd better avoid shopping at his dealership. Here's Adam's team, along with further comments from him:

Bryan Keith, 22, Bronx, NY (all four judges rang in)

Adam says he loves winning a four-chair turnaround, particularly when it's the only one of the day. He then punctuates that statement with a little flourish he might have learned from his brother, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Brandon Mahone, 15, Chicago, IL
Caitlin Michelle, 20, Scituate, MA
Joe Kirkland, 24, Fort Worth, TX

Adam won't push his button for anyone if he doesn't want that person on his team, so it does look like he's grasped the concept, at this point. No wonder he won!

Melanie Martinez, 17, Baldwin, NY

Cee Lo and the cockatoo are bummed to miss out on Melanie, possibly because some of Melanie's hair matches the cockatoo's feathers.

Benji, 24, Orlando, FL
Brian Scartocci, 26, Austin, TX
Michelle Brooks-Thompson, 28, Sunderland, MA
Loren Allred, Salt Lake City, UT
Nicole Nelson, 34, Burlington, VT (all four judges rang in)

Nicole sang "Hallelujah," and Adam thought her rendition was one of the best he's heard. Blake and Adam made dick-measuring jokes? Isn't this a family show?

Based on the amount of airtime given, Keith, Martinez, and Nelson are the expected stars, while Scartocci seems like fodder, but then again, there are six people on Adam's team who didn't even get mentioned, who I suppose are part of the worst of the blind auditions, then. Nice to be on the Green Mile already!

Now it's time for Team Blake. Blake brags about having won the second season and likens it to winning a high-school sports game, I think, which since he's from the South actually seems about right. Adam says Blake is "peacocking," and while that certainly seems to be true, Adam's probably also satisfying some NBC performance clause with that choice of words. Blake then complains about something poking him in the back, and again, this is a weird development for this time slot, but it turns out he just wanted to pull out his trophy, which I assume was merely on his chair and not somewhere he could sneak it by, like, airport security.

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