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The Battles, Week 3

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Pip Squeak

More battles. Woo hoo? I've lost enthusiasm for this portion of the show and just want to get on with it already. Unless someone actually gets punched in the face... in which case I take it all back.

Adam's got the first battle pairing; and it is Pip (no last name) versus Nathan Parrett (a gay former competitive swimmer). They kind of look like they could be separated at birth. Adam liked their old-fashioned sensibilities, hence the match-up. Nathan is freaked because Pip got all four judges attention during the chair spinning times (aw, remember how fun that was?), while he only got one chair to spin.

They are doing Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good." Nathan admits that he was nervous during the audition, and Adam is wowed by how much better he is now. Pip is clearly jealous and looks like he might poison Nathan in his sleep. Pip gets to perform for Alanis, and she cautions him to be restrained and not go to crazy with the musical theater. Nathan meets with Adam and Robin Thicke, whose big piece of advice is to have Nathan take his hands out of his pockets. Adam and Robin do Pip's parts and they look rather ridiculous while doing it, and don't even seem to care. Adam wants Nathan to be confident.

During the final rehearsal, we hear more of the same, and Adam claims that Nathan is no longer than the underdog. It might just be a confidence boosting technique... or Adam just hates Pip's stupid suspenders and would like him to go down. I hate Pip here, but I think it is mostly because he reminds me of that Irish kid who co-won The Glee Project. That would be a much better place for both of these kids, actually. Pip does some high-pitched wailing, which is at the very least more interesting than Nathan's predictable karaoke.

Blake thinks it was good, and he's leaning towards Pip since he has a bigger range. Christina is still wearing that stupid hat, and imagines that Pip has done Broadway, gee, what gave that away? She compliments both of them and doesn't make a decision, per usual. Cee Lo says Nathan had some of Amy's spirit, so he goes with Nathan. I didn't feel that, but Cee Lo could very well be watching a different show than I am in some sort of alternate universe. I would not put that past him. Adam likes both of them so much, and he's baffled. I'm baffled about what made him wear this houndstooth sweater, it looks like he's sweltering in it. He eventually goes with the predictable choice in Pip. For his part, Pip is backstage quite exuberant. The more I look at him, the more it seems like he could be a young nerdier John Barrowman. He could grow on me, if he didn't insist on being called Pip. Really, what the hell?

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