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I have a feeling that The Voice will be milking that last battle from the first battle episode for weeks to come. That performance of "Vision of Love" was so good, no one could believe how good it made the show look. And we all learned never to underestimate Amanda Brown. I went onto the NBC site to watch the performance again today and a co-worker who never talks to me about TV ever said, "wow, that was some show last night, huh?" There has not been such a miracle duet since the pairing of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston on the Prince of Egypt soundtrack.

Will anything in the one-hour part 2 compare? I doubt it. They might measure up to that weird "Sin Wagon" trio, though. Ugh, I just remembered some of the contestants I really hate, like Domo, who is up in this first battle of the episode.

Blehhh OK, so the first battle is Cody Belew versus Domo, who Cee Lo is almost certainly regretting picking at this point. I'm curious to see what she's like in rehearsal, though. Is she always "on"? Is she constantly dancing? I'm rooting for country singer Cody in this odd pairing, or anyone, ever, who is not Domo. She's right though, I'm probably just jealous. Haterzz.

Cody and Domo walk in for rehearsals and Domo is like, "oh my god, Rob Thomas! I totally slept with him." Just kidding (am I?). What happens in Rob Thomas's studio above his mom's garage is his business. Cee Lo gave them "Telephone" by Lady Gaga, calling this a battle between the singer that can dance and a dancer who can sing.

So Cody works on nuance, while Cee Lo teaches Domo how to sing, as she's too distracted choreographing a dance. She tells Cee Lo and Rob Thomas that she's like Mariah Carey and Aretha and no one in the room agreed, but no one needed to. This is Domo's world, and we're all just backup dancers.

Rehearsing the performance one last time, Domo tells Cee Lo that they have been working really hard on the choreography and it's a surprise. Oh goody. This is Cody's to win, if only Cody believed it. I mean, come on, look at Domo's stupid, cropped, glittery marching band jacket. What is that about? It's not the most intelligent or deep song, I guess, so form is following function.

I enjoyed the performance in spite of myself. I liked the little booty spank choreography, and found Cody quite charming in Domo's weave-whipping shadow. Blake was confused by the whole thing; Christina thought they were both good but would give it to Domo. Cee Lo was disappointed in both of them because they focused more on the choreography, so it was a decision between two singers who didn't rise to the occasion for him.

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