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The Battles Premiere, Part 2

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To your corners, as the weirdly boxing-themed battle rounds continue! The first night was a big hit, even people like me who are made of stone enjoyed it in spite of themselves. Tonight, I will be forced to remember more of these people exist. In this preview, I don't remember any of these people. Seriously, who are most of them? Let's take a look.

The first "battle pairing" of the night comes from Team Shakira. It's Clarissa Serna versus Jeremy Briggs. I barely remember Clarissa, who volunteers at a music program for young girls. Jeremy has been waiting for his music to take center stage but I do not remember him. I think I'm rooting for Clarissa in the name of girl power. Shakira paired them up as her two rockers and gave them "Cold As Ice" by Foreigner. A great song, likely one of Adam's favorites.

Jeremy is looking forward to this classic rock song, which he has been listening to since he was a kid. It's more of a stretch for Clarissa but Shakira and Miranda Lambert have little constructive feedback to give either of them. Miranda says she can tell Clarissa was holding back in rehearsal. In the final rehearsal, their harmonies aren't quite there and Miranda blames their lack of chemistry. Finally, they get it and Miranda calls it "tormented in a great way." Ugh.

In the actual battle, Clarissa is giving the song a much different feel. She and Jeremy are really making an effort to smolder in the ring, but from Clarissa it sounds like a Glee cover. They both seem to struggle with it, actually. Overall, I find their chemistry as cold as ice ooh hoo hoo.

Blake exclaims "oh mah gawd" at Jeremy singing the song in the same key as Clarissa but in the end, gives his vote to Clarissa. Usher says the song offered a unique challenge for both singers but he admires their tenacity for taking it on. What a lukewarm compliment. The final decision is in Shakira's hands. She says Jeremy occasionally fell out of the pocket and Clarissa was sometimes too dramatic. This is a hard decision, mainly because it's one made without much passion. Shakira chooses the artist she feels she can do more with moving forward, and that is Clarissa. The coaches exchange side glances as Jeremy makes his final departure speech. No one steals him and Usher maintains that he's waiting for something incredible.

Adam has the next battle, with Aloe Blacc helping him in rehearsals. Adam says Aloe Blacc is one of his favorite singers right now. Somehow that seems disingenuous? The battle pairing is between Caleb Elder and Delvin Choice. It's the donut shop worker against the Starbucks barista. Caleb got that last open spot in the Blinds and Delvin has improved vastly since he auditioned last season. They are both goofy with heavy customer service-oriented personalities. They are taking on "The Man" by Aloe Blacc himself. They are both nervously destroying it and not in the right way.

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